The true purpose of my writings.

When I started writing, the purpose of my writing is to bring hope to women in areas that we don’t normally talk about out loud. Areas that we keep hidden in closets or locked in boxes under our bed or barricade behind steel bars in my mind and heart.

I realized God gave me this gift of writing to reach His daughters. To give them a practical view of that which they are dealing with. In my other life as an advocate and servant, I realized that in the lessons that I have learned through ‘God’s University of Life’ weren’t just for me. That nothing I have gone thru had a singular purpose. Every level, my test has been my ability to take those lessons to help my sister climbing the same mountain I am either on or just climb over.

So is the same with my books. Yes, my friends may see situations that I or they or we may have gone through at some point in our lives. Much of the lessons I talked about I have either dealt with in some capacity or held a sister’s hand through. In my soon to be released sequel or future stories I am finding myself sharing bits and piece to help others understand or see a different perspective.

In a recent conversation with a friend, I told her I would share a part of my story with her. The purpose to bring home the point of our conversation. But as I was looking for this except, I realize, that others’ may need to realize this simple truth. That which you perceive as an inadequacy, the man whose heart you hold doesn’t. That if a man truly loves you, he loves you in totality.

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