Who is Mystique?

I am not the Mystique of the Marvel Comics, though I am as mysterious and magical as she. But, through my speaking and writing, I can use shape-shifting abilities to change into any person I wish. I seek to introduce you to many of these persons expecting you will find them as interesting and desirable as I.

As a writer, I am a poet. My writings are classified as fiction to non-fiction as a blog-gist, and novelist. I am an inspirational speaker. There is the poetic side of me that tells of friendship, hurts, and love desired or forgotten.  The blogger side seeks to educate, inspire and uplift others who may want to choose this path to share and entertain through storytelling. As a novelist, my writings can be as sweet as an apple pie or unpredictable as a stormy night. The speaker in me inspires to changes lives, give insight and hope through life’s distractions.

Mythical UniPeg

A single divorced mother of two precious little men living in NYC. I love to read, write, travel, share and teach.  I am a total believer in true love (still looking for mine) and overcoming obstacles.

Join me in my journey of publishing my first story and share in the other tales laying within me that are waiting to be told from my journals.