God Providence – Gift To Adoption

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A real story of a young woman’s journey to motherhood and the moms she meets along her path.

Praying mother faced several medical challenges throughout her life concerning her reproductive system. However, she never gave up hope and continued to pray to one day have children. Throughout her journey, she met Believing Mom, a mother of one of the children under her charge at the residential school where she worked. Over the years, their relationship grew both professionally and personally. Believing Mom shared some of her health challenges and testimonies. They prayed together over every medical, family, or professional challenge that they faced.

Sacrificing Mom, not far away, was facing her life challenges.

In September, Praying mom health took a turn for the worse, as many past issues were no longer in remission. This time doctors’ prognoses destroyed your deepest dream. During the same time, Sacrificing Mom had a gut-wrenching decision to make of her own.

Only God could intricately orchestrate the lives of these moms together to answer all of their prayers through a single gift of life.

Cee Mystique

About the Author

Cee Mystique is a writer, poet, blogger, and lecturer. She is a divorced mother of two precious young men living in New York. Cee loves reading, writing, teaching, and traveling in her spare time. She is a believer in true love and inner beauty. Cee has overcome many adversities in her life through prayer and courage, which is grounded in an unyielding faith in God. 

As a writer, her work can be characterized as sweet as apple pie or as unpredictable as a stormy night. Her poetic side conveys stories of love, pain, and friendships. As a blogger, she seeks to educate, inspire, and uplift her audience. Cee is an inspirational speaker who shares her insight, wisdom, and experience to help young mothers and caregivers of special needs children. She seeks to be an instrument in God’s hands to change the lives of others by imparting hope and direction amid life’s challenges.