A New Year’s Dream Come True

2019 will be an epic year as my son shouted on New Years. A year filled with promise and dreams. One that will bring all the hard work and purpose from the past 4 years of self-discovery, mindset shift, and transitions to my next level.

This year brings the possibility of at least three published books, creation of my company, enlarged platform for me to speak and a major milestone in my life will be reached by the grace of my Heavenly Father.

So I asked for you to keep an eye out for my big announcement coming shortly.

Everyone will receive their portion of dream killers. Those who sole purpose is to stop that dream that was knit in the fabric of your being, from ever coming to light. The creation of this website, the publishing of poems, that platforms that I have and will grace, the creation of my business and now the publishing of my first book proves their failure. But most of all it proves that what God has for you is for you.

The imagination once criticized as being childish and lack the ability to grasp reality in high school. The professor who suggested I find jobs that didn’t require me to speak or write. Those closest that felt that without them I couldn’t succeed. Or others that placed a ceiling in the attempt to limit my growth to their comfort level, I say thank you. Thank you for giving me the fuel to shatter every comment. The ammunition that to shoot down every barrier raised before me. Thank you for allowing me to prove the only one who knows what I can’t do is my creator. But even He has allowed me to mount eagles wings to soar.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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