David’s Declaration from Entwined Hearts

Here is an excerpt from my novel “Matter of the Heart Series: Entwined Hearst”.

When a man loves you, all else comes second. A family without the person who holds the heart is not a family.

“Damn you are thick, David I don’t know for sure, but I believe that I will never be able to have children of my own.”  

“Come again? Are you telling me that you probably can’t have children?”  

“It’s not funny!”  

“No, your situation isn’t, but if this is the great reason why Stacey thinks she’s more woman than you ever will be, yes it is funny. If this is the same asinine reason why you would tell Diane you alone are not enough for me, then no it’s not, and you really don’t know me as well as I believed you too. You’re right, I am going to need that drink!”  


“Liz, I need you to fill in some gaps for me, so I can understand everything.”  

“How is it that Stacy knew more than Diane?”  

“She only knows the strong possibility of the final diagnoses. At the time of the first testing, I went to a clinic three towns over so I wouldn’t run into any of my classmates. Stacy and I didn’t go to the same college, so I was unaware of her major, and she happened to be working at the clinic where I got tested. She’s under oath to remain quiet, or her license can be revoked, it looks likes she forgotten.”  

“So, for the past three years, her attempt to persuade me to favor her is based on the assumption that you are inadequate for me, apparently the same ridiculous assumption that you believe.”  

“Yes, and no. Yes, Stacey thinks that because I can’t have children and she believes she can, she would be better for you. I, knowing how much you want your own family and believe that what you should be able to have the chance at having that.”   

“Come again.”  

“David ever since the speech you gave on family day in high school, it has been no secret that you desire a large family of your own. We have spoken enough over the years for me to know that you love children. And that is why I believe you would have been better off with someone else. It just that I love you and think I am selfish for not wanting to let you go.” 

“Liz, yes I love children, there is no way I could go to work every day to help the most vulnerable among them and not love children. Yes, I desire a house of little ones running under my foot one day.”  

“See, and I can’t give you that!”  

“Liz but all the children in the world wouldn’t fill my heart if the one that holds it leaves it destroyed.”  

“Stop crying and tell me what Dr. Jewstone said.”  

“He confirms that my egg count is low, and it would be challenging for me to have children, at least naturally.  But the test I took to see if my body can even sustain a child won’t be back for another week.”  

“So, if I hear correctly there is a chance that you can have children?”  

“A small chance, if the final test comes back normal, then through in vitro fertilization I may be able to have children. Otherwise, I would need a host mom, something I am totally against.” 

“Otherwise, there is adoption.”  

“But then they won’t be yours.”  

“They won’t be ours by blood, but any child we bring in our home would be ours by love. You foolish, foolish woman, do you really think that I could just turn my heart off because you can’t have children, and do you truly believe that I would want to have children with someone that I didn’t love? For over the past two decades, you have rattled my mind, imprisoned my heart and drove me crazy to the brink of madness. But in all of that, I would neither could I petition my heart to seek another to love. Lizette Renee if you told me that you had days to live or would lose your vision tomorrow, I would still love you. I will forever love you unconditionally and without hesitation. So please stop believing you are not enough for me, cause in truth, I wonder if I am adequate to receive such a precious gift of your love. Whatever tomorrow holds, let’s face it together. If it by natural occurrence, in vitro, or adoption when the time is right, God will bless us with our children, and if He decides not to, He has already given me the most precious gift of all you. Marry me Lizzette Renee and put my misery to rest.”  

“David, David….”  

“Why tears love? “ 

“Because I don’t deserve you, perfect womb or not, I don’t deserve you. You deserve it all, and if I had the power, I would give you the world.”  

“Say yes, say yes to spending the rest of our lives together, say yes to waking every morning in the protection of my arms and falling asleep each night wrap in my love.” 

This is not the proposal, you have to buy the book for that part.