When you think you’re in the Grove of it

For the last 15 days, I have been on a mission to complete my second manuscript by October. This one must be a full-length novel and answer the questions left from the book 1. I realized that, though my first aim was to write a trilogy, want I am writing is a series. I quickly adjusted my thinking when some interesting story lines took over 3 books to finish. Now don’t get me wrong, I have read a few of them, 50 Shades of Grey being one of them. But few story lines hold my interest past the second book to want to continue reading. So why would I do that to my audience?  I can’t and I wouldn’t expect you to read something I couldn’t.

Then there are the series were earlier couples and/or characters are an intricate part of future stories. Hence lies the foundation for my series. In the first book, I introduce you to all 2.5 couples. However, it ends with a cliffhanger about two of them. Through test and struggles, there will be a wedding and an engagement. But both relationships will be solidified in true love.

Now book three is interesting and I still not sure how it will play out. Especially since this book 3 wasn’t initially planned. There has been this book idea percolating in my mind for the past few weeks. Though I tried to ignore it, the characters and storyline have demanded to be created. I could tie it into the series, but only a brief mention of the hero is in the book one and a brief mention of both in book 2. This could be another novella, that explains the relationship history, then again it may play out to be a full novel. I am not sure. Either way, my trilogy has converted into at least a 4 book series. I wonder Bella Andre started with the Sullivan series this way. Trust me not comparing, but just wondering.

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