For the past couple of weeks, I have been on a mission to complete the first two books within new series. This has been an awesome experience. In addition, I have taken a leap of faith and joined a local writer group. The experience was awesome, for I have never stepped out of my comfort zone previously.

My publisher has requested that I finish both books before we published the first. The goal is to have them completed by the end of September. Since life happens and I cannot just close myself off and write, I have set other project aside for the rest of this month and concentrating on complete this piece of work. The goal is to have it completed by the end of September. The first two books in my series are not stand-alone work, but, every other book in this series will be. The characters’ line for the third and fourth book have been created and the third book being started. It’s funny one morning I awaken with an entire dialogue in my head that did not fit into the current book, hence the start of the next.

In testing the waters, I have allowed a few close friends to read portions from all three of my books, just to gauge their reactions to my writing.  From screenplay writers to corporate managers; both males and women, The responses have left me both pleasantly surprised and humbled by their reviews.

Coming through the NYC education public system, being ridiculed and laughed at by peer and teachers alike.  Being informed that I would never be much by some and should never write by many instructors, I find writing my stories liberating. As many famous authors from  F. Scott Fitzgerald, Jules Verne, Agatha Christie, Stephen J. Cannell, Henry Winkler, Alice Beard (Alice Renee), Benjamin Zephaniah, and Octavia Estelle Butler, who battled from beneath of struggles and criticism in their youth and some throughout their life because they suffered from dyslexia, I too will rise as a published author.

As all good and perfect gifts, they lay buried beneath earth until their time to flourish as they become unearth. Such a time is now for me.

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