Are you reading Diane’s Heart

This is so much fun!

As I am putting the final touch on the last book in this sequel of “Matter of the Heart”, sharing the editing process with you of the first book was a fantastic idea.

Remember each week a new installment will be released. Trust me you will fall love with Diane, Lizzette, David, and Charles just I have. They live real lives and face the same growing pain as each of us. But will their love will conquer all? You have to keep reading to find out.

Diane an only child, sheltered and loved by her parents. One summer changed her life now she has to decide how to move forward.

Charles, the oldest of three. We can all understand his confusion as we learn about his dysfunctional household as a child. But now as a man, can he step up to the plate. Can he have all the desires of his heart in both business and love?

Liz and David. Why does she cause him so much, heartache? What is she truly hiding? Trust me you won’t want to miss book two in this sequel. Entwined Hearts, will touch your own.

As fun as it is popping in here to give you an update. I must return to finishing a Royal Hearts. The third and final book in this series. Trust me every emotion possible will be invoked, but in the end,  only one emotion will dominate.

Along the journey, you will meet some of their friends and family. Each screaming for me to tell their own story. So stay tuned.

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Next weeks installment has been set to post Wednesday morning. So if you haven’t started reading, START!


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