Labour of Love

This project is a labor of love. What I thought would be a single book and blossomed into a set of multi-character books. With many interesting characters creating various story lines are sure to touch and move many.


The biggest challenges I have had in completing this project, well two major challenges. The first, managing creation of characters. With each character created and entire history has blossomed into various spin-offs. Their challenges and struggles and their triumphs and achievements. Introducing each new character into the main storyline and creating a synergy that flows and meshes throughout. Though the characters are fictional, their lives aren’t. The situations, their attitudes, and behaviors show those of the people I have known or just watch overtime.  I have a driver that tells me that his car is a classroom. That each new client is his teacher. From conversation to observation, each provides a lesson.


The second challenge is more technical. except for the first story wrote, the form and style of the overall completion of the story have continued to change. Understanding that word count creates the form of the writing, instead of having complete novels, I have created three novellas. Then the first three writing compilation together gives one the complete story, do I release them as a trilogy or do I create a single book with three sections. Though I enjoyed reading 50 Shades of Grey, my preference is reading a single book that covers the story from beginning to end. That being said, a single book published, with each current book having their own section with their own title. Before I drive myself crazy, I will leave this in the hands of my editor and publisher.


The Admiral Series first book titled ‘Matters of the Heart’ covers the relations of two dynamic couples.  Covering their relationship from meeting to their royal marriage. Enrapturing various true life obstacles and challenges along the way but proves true loves conquers all. Besides introducing the members of their family and friends to bring you future reading enjoyment.


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