I’ve been silent too long

There has been a lot going on starting with an entirely new book being published than the one I originally planned to release first. They are still coming! It’s just that this new book was orchestrated to be my first.

There are so many lessons tied with this book, that God needed me to understand before I could move to the next level. So much so that I will be hosting my first conference immediately following my book launch. Trust me when I say I am being obedient and I am not cray cray, (maybe just a bit). But this book is preparing me to launch my other books in ways I would not have been prepared if they were launched according to my plan and not God’s.

From realizing that I have the ability to do that which is need to be done than I give myself credit for to understanding that I am enough. I know the biggest lesson has been learning to wear my oxygen mask correctly. To understand what I mean by that you will need to come to my conference.

On that topic, though my conference is geared to ward my Village, all are welcome including the men. There will be knowledge for everyone directly or to take away and help someone you know should have been at the conference.

It is 1 am and my letter are beginning to type backwards, so that is my clue that I must say good night. But I promise I the next update won’t be that far away.

Cee Mystique signing off….

I look forward to hearing from you!

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