Where are these people coming from

The other day, Dr. Dee C Marshall did a live post in our group about how she wrote her books. The biggest nugget for me is that she writes what inspires her. She isn’t a schedule writer with times and word count, but a determined writer when inspired. That’s me!

“Admiral Story” started as a sweet summer romance between Diane and Charles. I never imagine it would turn into what it has become today. As I write in each new character with their personality, history and destine path in life, my little village grows. With every line I write, I hate introducing new characters in the story. The storyline direction clear enough, but the world that each character brings with them can seem overwhelming. I have yet to take a formal character creation class but have read up on it and listen to other authors on this topic. But it difficult sometimes to follow the character chart they suggest creating first.

I remember reading a romance story once where each character created by this author, became a real live person after the storybook found it hand into the real-life woman hand they destined it to reach. Many will tell you that your story is not for you but to help someone else. In remembering this book, that how I feel me about stories, each story is to promote, inspire, confirm and support my readers whose life may mirror the trials and tribulations that surround the hero and heroine in each of my stories.

Introduction of Villagers

As I was writing Admiral Story, many characters came to life, with the need to finish my current story, I stopped just long enough to create their history for further exploration at a later time. By the time you to read Admiral Story part two and the conclusion, you would have met these characters and hosts of many more.

Jonathan Royal, an event planner whose father denied his parentage, lost his childhood sweetheart to her need for a successful career in her industry with the connections he couldn’t offer. Younger brother to Darrell Royal, CFO with David Thorn

Sharon Steele, Charles’ sister who must learn to trust that all men are not like her father and capable of loving and maintaining one family. Accept that a successful man can support and encourage her success in life and business without jealousy.

Stephon, Charles college big brother. Who has fallen in love with Sharon and until Charles and he reconnects his heart remains dance-less!

Trayvon Thorn, David’s uncle who raises him after the death of his parents. The founder and creator of Beautiful VIllage Organization. He sacrifices his life to raise his nephew and build a business that honored the passion he shared with his brother before his death.

Katheryn Dwight. A good friend and surrogate sister of Charles Steele. Married Charles Dwight, Steeles’ best friend, who died in an accident and nearly killing her and their son who is Steeles’ godson. Disappears for over a year to find herself until she returns.

I highlight these because they each have a story screaming at me to get to writing. “Dancing Feet” the Sharon and Stephon story would have been the next logical story, but as I stated I am an inspired writer. So as a story hit national headlines, that disrupted so many families and young innocent girls lives, Naila Jayne Prescott came to life. In her, I share the story of overcoming molestation, incest, and rape. Taking from stories from my personal and family history, the USA gymnastic case and many other cases I have known of over the years. Who her hero is, I will leave you in suspense for now, but in writing this story the strength and determination they share to overcome their past and move forward in life and love will capture your heart. But, help me, cause the hero has these cousins who won’t stay silent.


How can four people grow into such a community!


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