When Your Ego Rejects the Angel God sent for you to Soar!

When God gives you a vision and mission, He knows what you can do. He even expects you to seek assistance. But what do you do when God gives you a task and tells you, “You can only seek assistance from whom I allow.” That shouldn’t be a problem; ask God to lead you to whom He has designed to serve you now. But what do you do when God sends you someone to assist you in areas you can do, or so you thought?

In October 2020, God gave me such a mandate in response to a prayer for change. To write my book and a little later, He added to hold a conference. I have been trying to release one of many novels I have written since 2018, but God wanted me to write a new story and take it through every stage of development using only who He ordained. No problem; it was clear that I needed to follow the instructions and guidance of others in this process to learn the steps that were required to be done. But the conference was different. I have organized and done live meetings of various sizes over the last six or more years. Since the pandemic, I have set in numerous training to understand how to pivot from live to virtual by creating my stage. I had a good grasp of marketing and knew enough programs to patch together the back office to pull off this event. In the process, a beautiful lady, Jenny-Lyn Allen, connected with me through LinkedIn. I was all stream ahead; the book launch was April 17, and the conference would be that night.

“Man makes plans, and God laughs!”

The book launch when off without a hitch for the most part. I believe who was meant to be there was there. The love and support I felt from all who thought it not robbery to attend still leave me speechless.

But the conference was canceled one week out. I set up Zoom, Eventbrite, MailChimp, and PayPal, creating the flyers and advertisements. I did the whole thing, but in the end, none of the apps would talk with each other, creating a more significant technical issue for me to unravel.

When I first communicated with Ms. Allen, I thought I could do everything myself. When the bottom fell out, and I asked God for direction, He let me know He sent someone I effectively sent away. This caused me to return to LinkedIn, admit my weakness, and ask for assistance.

“In business, pride can kill or delay the process.”

In working with Ms. Allen, she not only aligned with me for the conference I needed to produce, but we aligned with the mission of serving God’s daughters, each in separate niches but with the same mission. This God-fearing woman prayed with me, encouraged me, and spoke to my mission and life as God’s daughter.

She explained the issues I was having and then gracefully simplified the structure with ease. I asked myself why did I think I could do this? By changing one application, she facilitated receiving payment, upselling (something she taught me), and connecting and distributing information to all participants without any additional oversight other than preparing for the conference.

Ms. Allen is a truly gifted professional, God-fearing, praying warrior about her Heavenly Father’s business. If you need assistance with back-office technical setup and systems, Ms. Jenny-Lyn Allen is the only person you will need to contact. You will be blessed with her presence and pleased with every assignment she touches.  It would be humanly impossible that the structure and setup for my first virtual conference could have been accomplished at such a level of professionalism without her assistance. For this, I am humbly grateful.

Cee Mystique

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