Your Power is within you!

Have you ever wanted to write a book but been told you shouldn’t or can’t. Letting others perceive perception lock you into a box. Write your book. Start with a blog, a journal, short stories, poems or novella. You will never know what you can or cannot do until you try. The power is within you!
For years, many have told me that I can’t or shouldn’t write or talk publicly. They told me I lack the skill and comprehension to write and the ability to speak clearly. Or I was told I have nothing to write or say that would interest others. Lastly, I someone informed me that  I wasn’t allowed to write as long as they are alive. Truth plus transparency.
Well let examine some basic Image result for facts about me
1) Graduated HS with an Honor Regent Diploma
2) Graduate College with cum laude GPA
3) Have two published poems
4) Created and delivered training programs for government and private entities.
5) Train and coach many as an advocate
6) I have spoken before CEO’s, Presidents, Directors, Principals, and Parents.
So why have I allowed others to stop me from writing all these years when I had the skill, comprehension and the ability to write. Because I allowed others to plant seeds of doubt and fear that took root and tried to choke my dreams to death.


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For years I have been writing. I continued the lie that I couldn’t, all while turning in college papers weekly (some 5+ pages) weekly to Prof. Kim, Dr. Grant, Dr, Velez, and Prof. Johnson. The saddest thing is I generally received a “B” grade or better.
For years I have command audiences in various settings. Teaching and speaking on government policies to education. Orchestrated and facilitated workshops. However, I couldn’t see myself as a speaker because of words from those who were insecure with my power from within.  Their words echoed in the recesses of my mind even, though I was doing the very thing they said I couldn’t
Now as I prepare to release my first published book, as I look to speak before audiences of one or one million; I know my power, I know my strength. Most of all I know that what I write and have to say needs to be heard and read. God has blessed me to over many challenges, struggles, valleys, and ditches. But every time He has risen me from the muck to soar a higher than before. Now I am aiming for stars, leaving a trail behind me to lift others who will grab on.
My power is within my pen and my voice. Sharing my testimonies to bless and lead others through the valleys I have traveled.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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