Final few hour till completion

Hello, Everyone!

I hope you have been enjoying the weekly installments for “Diane’s Heart”. I must say as I busy myself in finishing the final hours of this sequel, I have truly enjoyed returning to the first book where this all began as “Summer Time Love”. As the story grew and new cast members came on the scene, I realize that “Summer Time Love” wouldn’t truly capture the spirit of the story what it has morphed into.

My goal is to have this project in the hands of the best self-publishing, God sent angel no later than October 28th. The start of school, a new quiet space to call home and unpacking has cut into my time. But I have and will continue to keep a weekly installment until this baby is released to my publisher.

Enjoy and keep following. for updates and information regarding the character and the ultimate release date. I must learn how Thunderclap works. Tick Tock the clock is ticking.

Tick Tock the clock is ticking. Must return to the project at hand.


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