From Damaged to Loved…..


Before I started my own business, before Jonathan and I became involved, I work for a very popular public relations firm. A firm that had a reputation of killing event planners, unfortunately, that knowledge isn’t made know until you are working for the firm.  In my case, not only were they working me like a slave they weren’t paying me either. So I went to the labor board to ask for assistance, I had a discipline meeting coming up and I needed advice or someone to represent my rights. I was assigned to Jonathan, who not only advised me, but showed up the next day at the meeting, I knew that wasn’t normal policy, but very grateful. Long story short, Jonathan made my case a priority until I was paid all the money due to me and then some.

During this process we became friends. We would meet for breakfast, lunch, and occasionally dinner. A couple of times Jon even escorted me to my company parties and events. We became really good friends.   Two years ago, when we first met I was just getting out of a relationship at the time, so anything else wasn’t even on my radar. As our friendship grew, Jonathan started to learn, more about me, unfortunately, that included my insecurities and the actual nature of my ex-boyfriend, Sean. The way he actually treated me, second-hand trash was treated better.

Usually, in public, Sean maintained a respectful front, but one day he lost all decorum. Jonathan had arranged a meeting for me with some private clients that needed an event planned, it was my first attempt to become a private event planner. Jonathan has been encouraging me for the past year, saying that I had enough experience and connection to grow into a major contender in my field. Anyway, when I was leaving the meeting at the hotel, I ran into Sean who still thinks I left him for another man, enough already it’s been over 6 months at this point, he preceded to make a fool of himself when he confronted me. Trying to get him to lower his voice and follow me outside, Jonathan was notified by the hotel workers. As Jonathan approached and presumed the position as hotel management, he asked me if everything was ok, at this time, Sean comments alerted us that he has been stalking me, by knowing we have been at this hotel together previously. Hotel security immediate came into focus and removed him from the premise, as I was escorted back into the office for questioning.

Being given no choice but to reveal the nature of our past relationship trying to be as general as possible, Jonathan became disturbed as he maintained a controlled anger. He asked me the regular questions when the relationship changed, how long were we together, why did I stay so long…I answered all openly till the last. See I have known Sean since I was 15, he was actually on the basketball team with my cousins. When I went away to college in Connecticut, he was a Jr in a college less than an hour or so way in Springfield, Massachusetts.  So every time my cousins would come up to see one of us, we would all get together. After while Sean started showing up to check on me without my cousins, making sure I was ok, that I ate and occasionally taking me out on dates to events at his school.  Becuase of the relationship he had with my family, he pretty much knew my past, but it didn’t seem to bother him, so I thought. After he graduated he moved to Connecticut to work and be closer to me, naturally we became an item. After graduation, I moved into my parents second home that was kept for me until I decided what I wanted to do with it, I wasn’t comfortable living with Sean and wanted to live by myself for a minute to work out my life.  That is another story, one that I keep hidden deep within, one that I feared if another man ever found out, would agree with how worthless I truly am and leave me. Anyway, Sean started acting more like an insensitive, controlling jerk as of late, demanding to know where I was and who I was with though out the day while I was at work or afterward. Then when he drank, though he only physically touched me once in his anger which was the final turning point for me, his word was worst, reminding me that no man would want a pitiful scared body, that he has since found other ways to compensate for my lackluster response and boyish body.

That one time he did touch me was the day I caught him screwing his co-worker at his place. I went by during lunch thinking he wasn’t home to clean out most of my belongings and to drop off his, cause when I tell him it’s over I wanted my stuff already in my possession. I came in went straight to the bathroom, packed my bag, then the main bedroom and packed, put both bags in my car. Returned to check the tv room where we hung out most time, and discovered him fucking the newest coworker leaning over the love seat I purchased him as a housewarming gift.  I told him don’t stop on my account, went to retrieve what I came for off the shelf, stop only to tell him it was over and left. Later that night, he was at my door when I got home, drunk and pissed at me. I asked him to leave for there was nothing to discuss, he grabs me and tried to pull me into the house, we fought until a neighbor came through and asked if I had a problem. Before I could say anything Sean cursed out the man who then grab and tossed him off my property. It was two weeks before I saw or spoke to him again. I never told Jon about the incident.

Jonathan seemed to know there was more, how I’m not sure, but there is times when his comments and or actions were just what I needed without even realizing it myself. Suddenly his tone and mood changed back to calm cool guy I enjoyed. He has chosen that moment in time to open up and come clean.

Jonathan Morrison has two worlds in which he operates in. He became involved in labor law straight from college and has worked his way to the top of the ranks over the years in both private and government entities.  Realizing how it wasn’t normal policy for the labor board to show up and follow a case so closely and how this evening at the hotel, everyone seems to move to Jonathan will, after his confession it all made sense, sort of. Jonathan now works part-time at the Labor Board he still believes in helping employees that find themselves in similar positions as when we met.   Because of the track record of my employer, the case manager that took my report went to the head manager for advice that being Jonathan. Being both tired of the numerous labor complaints against my employer and private interest in me, Jonathan took over my case. Long story short, Jonathan eyed me earlier and this gave him a direct way to me. By the time the case was over, I not only did I get what I deserved,  rumor has it after my case the parent company came in and cleaned house. Jonathan did more than my original complaint ever would have done.

However, in his other reality, he is also the co-owner of an exclusive hotel, restaurant, and private club. Being taken off guard, I was speechless, disturb, and intrigue. Never has a man taken such honest attention in me, especially not someone of his wealth or status. Plus in the past last year of knowing him, he never made a move to get involved or even shown interest other than a close dear friend that he has become. So even though I was glad for the honesty, I now wanted to know why me, why would a man of his caliber be interested in me. When I ask why is he telling me this now, he stated that every protective instinct flood him when he was notified of the confrontation between Sean and I. The very same instinct that captivated his attention on the first day we met and has span into other areas of interest. He says he needs me to trust him, trust in him and believe he would never want anything but the very best for me. That I could be open with him, for he has become intrigued with who I am, away from crowds, the promotion hoopla in my quiet time. He also wanted to share more of himself with me. Areas that required total trust and belief in him that required total submission to him.


The Morning After

Still speechless, I left and went home to absurd all Jonathan just shared and the incident with Sean and the possibilities of truly starting my own business. That next morning I awaken with such a headache that I could barely make it to my bathroom, I had to call in sick from work for the next three days. Because the ringing was so loud, I unplug the upstairs phone. I laid in bed with no food and water to drink only when I went to the bathroom. I vowed all my curtains would be black from this time forward, the light was my enemy, sound where instruments of massive destruction.

Now it has been a long time since the last time I came down with a headache of this magnitude or any illness, so needless to say, I set off a complete panic alert after the 3 days of no communication with anyone, especially Jonathan.  First he tried my office, after being told I called out for the last 3 days, he feared something may have happened or I was running. So he sent deliveries to my door, that was returned due to no answer until the final knocking at my door after 7 pm Saturday evening. Being able to move, I went to the door in all my glory to find out what madman was trying to break in. Once I heard his voice, I told him to calm down and go home, I am a mess and sick, when I am better I’ll call him.  I must have been talking to myself because instead of believing me, he grew louder giving me no choice if I didn’t want the neighbors calling the cops. Once I open the door and back away from him, in a matter of seconds his expression went from anger to relief, to worry. How he could he come near me I’m not sure, but he did, picked me up and carried back upstairs to my bathroom. Set me on the closed toilet and preceded to run a bath for me, while ignoring all verbal request from him to stop or leave fell on deaf ears. In a tone that caught my inner attention through my foggy mind, he instructed me to strip or he would do it for me and get into the tub. I agreed but told him he needs to leave the room. All he said I had five minutes to be in the tub or he was putting me in it.  He left with cell now in hand, and all you heard was him going through my draws, probably to find me something to wear, and his low voice as he spoke on the phone. When he returned, he washed my hair and body, dried me off, wrap me in my bath sheet and carried me to my bed. From there he proceeded to dress me, feed me some toast and boiled egg, and black tea. Then he put me back into a freshly made bed. Now either I was in the tub for a very long time or there are other people in my home. Finally, he gathered me into his arms and lean back against my headboard. The last thing I heard was don’t you ever scare me like this again.

When I awoke the next morning I was still in Jonathan’s arms. Remembering what transpired the previous night, total mortification took over. As I tried to move out of his arms and off the bed quietly, all I heard is that unless I’m going to the bathroom, I better forget anything else.   Stuck! So I turned over to look at him and asked what he was doing here and why. Big mistake, whatever fear the last few days produce was anger now. His words were direct and to the point. You will have a security escort from this point on, as long as you remain in this residence, I will have a set of keys and there will be help assigned to you. And if you ever scare me like this again, the punishment you will get will be well deserved. Trying to rebuke anything at this point would be futile, so I listened quietly. But I had to know how I scared him. Apparently, early Friday Sean was seen trying to enter my home, thankfully, I change my locks the day we broke up, but not knowing where I became the issue.  Sean has been followed until last night. All I could say was that I was sorry. It has been a long time since the last time I was sick and I’m not used to calling on anyone for assistance. I have no family in town, and no friend I would be comfortable to call on. Usually these headaches last a day or so and then I am fine, I just didn’t have medication in the house this time. His only comment “was my instructions stands?. At the sound of my doorbell, he got up with instructions for me to remain, he said it was his people. When he returned, he had a tray of food to feed an army, a small luggage bag, and a suit bag, interesting. Trying to lighten the mood, I asked him “who was moving in?” His only comment to whoever was behind him was the room at the end of the hall. A live-in housekeeper was truly assigned and moving in this morning.  However, the room assigned was my workroom, so I spoke up, only to be told that all me thing was removed last night to the room right next door, for no visitors need to be that close to you at night; ok now I’m losing all control way too quickly. I tried to stand to go head to head (well chest) with him but once I was standing, all I remembered next was eating rug and hearing the strangest of sounds coming at me as I was picked up, from the floor and put back in bed. So much for taking back control, ugg. I stayed in bed for the rest of the day refusing to speak to him, though he continued to care for me directly. He even had a Dr pay me a visit to confirm it wasn’t anything serious, found out I had a viral infection and needed to stay in bed. Lord I’ll hate to see that bill later, but he just ignored all my comments. Later that evening, I was paid a visit by a woman who said she was asked to come to keep me company while Jonathan handled some business.


The Introduction

Her name was Heather, she’s about my age and very attractive. I couldn’t imagine why Jonathan would send her to keep me company.  Anyway being polite, told her that I was ok and that I’ll be fine by myself until Jonathan returns. After her face turned all shades, then she asked, “you are allowed to use his first name”, strange question to me, but I said yes, that’s when she said none of us call our Masters by their first name, it was forbidden. I quickly corrected her and informed her, I don’t have a Master and Jonathan was a friend, a very controlling friend but just a friend.

Heather seemed surprised and asked me, an interesting set of personal questions. How was the first time, how was our first time in the Chamber, especially since he likes to be in control, how did you get the upper hand? Now I am lost, and it must have shown on my face cause she immediately apologizes, stating she forgot her place and called me Mistress. What the hell, I quickly set up and explained to Heather that Jonathan and I are just friends, I don’t’ know anything about a chamber room nor am I a Mistress. We are just friends. After a few moments, she asked if I have seen any contract when I said no, she just started laughing. Once she caught her breath she explained her assumptions and totally floored me. My Jonathan was a Master and was kinky as hell. I wondered briefly that first morning what I would be like to make love with him, never in my wildest imagination did I suspect anything so kinky. But since he never made a move in that direction before I got sick and kept the coolest disposition since, even as he has insisted on bathing me twice a day since he arrived, I started to wonder if he had a Mistress or submissive waiting for him back home. Heather must have sensed my thoughts, cause she quickly made it know he has been alone without a submissive for as long as she knew him and that’s about 4 years now. WOW, but still wow.

After she left, all sorts of questions came into play, but the biggest ones being if he had a wife, lover or submissive waiting for him that others may not know off. The second one was why did he find me unattractive, was my body as I been told, a shame I wasn’t a man? I feel asleep sometime after Heather left until Jonathan was shaking me awake early the next morning from the nightmares of my past. From the look on his face, I must have revealed more than I ever mentioned. The first thing he asked was I dreaming about Sean?  Fearing his response or the next question, told him it was only a nightmare, that I’m ok. He repeated the question again, and in such a tone I told him “no”. Bracing for the next question, who was it then, which quickly followed and all I could do was cry. I never shared the truth about these dream with anyone except the first therapist who was assigned to me while still in the hospital. Instead of asking any more questions, he curled me in his arms and held me, comforting me and promising no one would ever hurt me again, that he would protect me.

How I asked, you have a life I don’t belong to, you probably have a Mistress, wife or submissive that waiting for you now. Once started, it all flooded out. I already know my body isn’t attractive to you, I’ve been told enough times that I should have been a boy, plus no man in their right mind would want to be with someone like me, I’m broken, worthless, and wished you would just leave and spare me seeing your pity or disgust.  When I was finished, the only thing I remember was the angry look in Jonathan’s eyes before he crushed me in his arms and kissed me. That kissed answered every comment I just made. I was breathless, speechless, and in shock. Jonathan didn’t stop he kissed me and kissed me and kissed me and when he finished he only said, “there is no one else and I want only you”.

Then I asked, “only under contract”? First taken aback, then he rolled over and laughed and asked: “how much did Heather tell you”? I said, “enough to thoroughly confuse me and wonder if what she said is the truth”.

“There may come a time you will need to sign a contract between us, but you are not ready for that introduction as of yet”.

“So if you are a Master why don’t you have any submissive and why would you need a slave to begin with”.

“Yes I am a Master, I haven’t had any submissive since my wife died over 5 years ago in a car accident and I don’t want a slave.  Let me explain.

I enjoin going to club. It is something that is relaxing and exhilarating all at one time.  I enjoy watching the various scenarios that take place. From time to time I may even instruct other Masters on the correct way to train a submissive on the various objects of our desire and how they are to respond. However, I am not one to change my submissive every night, nor do I participate in the group sharing with the open club.”

“Group sharing”?

“Yes, group sharing is when the submissive (male/female) is open to satisfy any Master/Mistress as they see fit. But within my circle, we may share openly with some limitations. Something that I haven’t been part of in years either”.


“As a submissive of a Master, there are certain skill sets you must have, certain willingness to please and respect all Masters. There are times your body may be the object of their desire and you must satisfy that desire. The limit comes to 1)no force swallowing but oral sex is permissive, 2) anal sex must first be established in the Master/submissive relationship before another Master may enter, but plugs are permissive, 3) and no intercourse. Now there are some that will allow full intercourse with their submissive, especially in sharing programs, but a condemn must be used at all times”.

“Why would one want to become a submissive”?

There are many reasons to answer that question. In your case, you would want to please me. You would desire for me to meet your deepest desire taking you mentally and physically to your limit, trusting me not to hurt you but to know exactly what you need. But before that could even come before us, you have to both desire more than a friendship between us and you must be willing to trust me. Trust me even with your biggest fears and your worst secrets, knowing that I would never look at you with vile or pity because of what someone else has done to you or caused you to do.

How do I agree with being a submissive when it seems to be another word for a sex slave. I must be willing to fulfill other men desires, my body is then yours to do as you please. I can’t and won’t be anyone slave, whore, submissive again.

“Again”, Jonathan boomed? Lord I knows I said too much. How do I get out of this? With a softer tone, he asked me what I meant by again, and “please don’t lie “to me and say nothing”. Now I am stuck. So I come as honest as I can and tell him, I can’t tell you, though I heard what you said, I’ve heard that promise before I can’t tell you and watch you walk away”


“In time there will be no secrets between us until then I’ll let it rest.  But I must know, do you desire more from a relationship with me? Or at least did you before meeting Heather? I must remember that she needs to be punished for forgetting her place”.

“Why did you send her to me”?

“We thought you would like some company, while Mark and I discussed some business. It definitely wasn’t to have the discussion that transpired”.

“What do you mean punish”?

“Heather knows not to speak of our private relationships, especially since you were not introduced as submissive to submissive. Mark and I will need to remind her contractual agreement and privacy clause. But don’t worry, she won’t be hurt, but she will remember to watch that tongue of hers in future”.

But as I said, it is too early for the full nature of this conversation.  I will ask without a contract, that you do not speak to anyone about this topic of relationship except me and only in one of our two bedrooms.

And what makes you think that I will be in your bedroom?

1st I want you and will have you, 2, soon it will be yours as well.

Soon? Ok, how and when did we go to being just friends, to living with you? And while we at it, I don’t need a live-in housekeeper, I prefer that my workroom returned, for it has the best upstairs natural light to work, and third, how could you have bathed me for the past few days with little to no emotion expressed yet you say you want me?


Our First Time

When will I learn to keep my mouth shut? In one scope I was lifted in Jonathan’s arm and rotated face down on his lap. As his one hand was used to hold me in place while the other hand worked up the back of my grown, rip my panties off me and preceded to give me three smacks, followed by sending probing fingers inside of my canal, rotating and scratching my inner wall until I was whimpering for more.  Now he has made me horny just by playing with me. But as he smacked my butt again and rub his finger over my anus, my body died and went still before the next smack I started crying and screaming “NO”.

He immediate release his hold and I bolted to the bathroom and locked myself in. I know he’s not the monster, I know he wasn’t trying to punish me but my body doesn’t. I have to end this before he turns on me. What I didn’t know was that Jonathan had a key to the bathroom until the door opened. The look on his face broke me, such pain expression as he bent down before me apologizing. I forgot my fear at that look and went into his arms. We set there until my tears stop. I was crying because I am broken, I crying because I may lose Jonathan, I crying because I caused Jonathan anguished. After my tears ended, I tried to stop our relationship from going further. I told Jonathan that though we have become great and close friends, I am damaged beyond repair and for that reason, we can only stay friends.

For the first time, Jonathan’s eye went blank, no emotion just blank. He got up, left the bathroom and went back into the bedroom without a word. When I finally followed him, he was sitting on the bed with his arm crossed. The voice that came from him was strained and controlled as he told me to strip. When he repeated it, it was in the voice the first night before the bath. Slowly I unrobed, not knowing what to expect but trusting him not to hurt me. With his eyes still blank he came to me and guided me before the closet mirror and ordered me to look at myself. Though I looked in the mirror I could only look in those eyes, until then I never realized they change colors. Once again he told me to look at myself as his hands went around my body. His words were soft and gentle as he spoke these words. “This is a body of a woman, not a child tormented and abused. These breasts are breast of a woman, firm and soft and one day will nourish a child. These hips are hips of a woman, broad and strong enough to bear a child and curvy enough to capture attention with each swing. These legs are long and full, shapely and beautiful”. As he turned me sideways, he his hand over my ass as he spoke. “This rear is of a woman, soft and supple. To be punished with spanks, rub to sooth and squeezed in lovin. This is not the rear of a child that was used to hide the rape the child endured, this rear is not to be violated or manipulated to torture as a way of punishment, but as a woman to be enticed in pleasure”. Then he turned me back towards the mirror, as his hands went between my legs, “this area of a rear precious gem, is to be my delight to please and pleasure, to taste and devoured”. Slowly his fingers worked their way into my canal, as he fingered me once again in a slow torturing rhythm, “you are not damage, nor could this woman body ever be mistaken for a man. The child must heal and you must embrace the woman you have become”.

As he lifted me in his arms and carried me back to bed, he laid beside me kissing me, from my lips downward. He kissed and sucked each breast bring my nipples to hard pebbles that aches have his mouth travel south, he kissed the ugly scar on my abdomen straight to my belly button as he called it beautiful. In his trails, he continued to kiss each part of me, until he came to the area between my thighs where I stop him. With a confused expression, he lifted his length upward and asked “why” as he slowly worked his finger through my folds to my canal, then brought them to his lips to taste. I have never had a man’s mouth there before, and though the thought intrigues me, fear overruled me.  Jonathan asked “with nectar as sweet as this, can’t I eat directly from the hive”, and again he dip his finger into my canal and tasted them. The last time he dips his finger in my hive, he worked me to such a frenzy, I became unbuckled when his mouth replaced the thumb stroking my clit. As he moved downward, his tongue replacing his fingers, caused a rocket explosion within me like never before. The ripple that tore through my body, left my shivering but I wasn’t the least bit cold. Never with Sean have my body responded with such intensity. Thinking there could be no more left in me, not knowing that Jonathan now laid as bare as me or even when he sheathed himself with a condom, as he glided back up to kiss me, I felt his sized as it probed the entrance until penetration. My he is thick, never seeing him naked, my body stretch to accommodate him, never have I felt such fullness, never has my body been opened so wide with each thrust, he would wait till my body relaxed to his size until I thought I was going to explode. If his thickness awed me, his length floored me, it as if he snaked himself around in me fulling me to epic portions. Slowly he guided me into a rhythm that exceeded any possible image of what being made love to could truly felt like. Once again my body shattered into tiny fragments leaving me breathless and speechless until Jonathan’s release sent me soaring higher as he repeatedly told me I am beautiful and I am his. Afterwards, he rolled to my side gathered me in his arms where we slept. I ended up calling out from work for the entire week, and we stayed in bed it seems like the whole time. When I check my messages that weekend, Sean called repeatedly leaving all types of pathetic messages. I also briefly returned a call from my Aunt and Uncle in Maryland. By Wednesday, we were tired of hearing from Sean so Jon made a phone call and had my number changed within an hour to a private, unlisted number. By Friday night, Jon took me out for dinner for a seafood food delight. The place was beautiful and the food was to die for. It was great, we laughed, talked and shared stories from our past. That night when we got home, Jon blew my mind, he had our room bathed in candlelight and rose peddles from the door the tub and back to the bed.  We bathed together and made love all night. I never knew loving someone could be so intimate and sensual. I even tasted his lightning rod. Eventually, we fell asleep early Saturday morning till he heard the doorbell, followed by the housekeeper’s knock stating I had company waiting downstairs. Jonathan dressed without waking me and went to see who it was, but right before he left the room I awaken. He just told me to rest and he’ll be right back.

Once he reached downstairs the voice that met him quickly woke me up, for it was my uncle’s asking where I was. I quickly showered and dressed, and ran downstairs with hair still wet. Not only was it my uncle but two cousins who looked like they were ready to kill and my aunt who just smiled as she saw me.


The Family Meeting

After I was taken from my father’s home, I was sent to live with my mother’s sister’s family. Who raised and cared for me from 13 until I left Maryland and move to Connecticut U over 5 years ago. Apparently, Sean spoke with one of my cousins and spun a tale that I was being manipulated by this pimp and left him. Which sent them high tailing it to Conn. once they realized my home number was changed, my job told them I had taken a vacation, and no response the last two days via text or email.

Upon entering the room with three crazy men grilling Jonathan who looked totally calm and amused, my aunt watching in amusement, I asked what the blazes is the inquisition for. That’s when all eyes turned on me. Now that I had everyone’s attention, I slowly greeted each on as I introduced them before introducing Jonathan to them. Then repeated my first question, what was the purpose of the inquisition?  My aunt took the liberty to explained what Sean had said and how panic set in when they couldn’t reach me after a while by no means of communication. Jonathan and I looked at each other and laughed.

I apologized for not giving them my new number since we spoke last or responding to their emails or text the last couple of days. Then I told them Sean and I broke up nearly a year ago and it seems he still can’t accept it. As for being manipulated by a pimp definitely not. So I explained how Jonathan and I met over a year ago and how I am slowly starting my own business. But uncle being uncle started questioning the housekeeper and Jonathan’s presence at my home. Before I could answer, Jonathan spoke. He informed him that two weeks ago I got sick and went out of communication very much the same I did with them for 3 days, all preceding a run in with Sean after a dinner meeting at the hotel.  Apparently, Sean has been following her around for a bit. So naturally I became worried, then that Thursday morning Sean was seen trying to enter the home, and no one still heard from her. When she finally answered her door Friday night, I made a couple of changes for her protection and health reason, hence the housekeeper and security system. As for my presence, she can answer that.

So now all eyes were on me. I’m an adult and really don’t need to explain why I have company. My aunt just laughs and the guys’ grunts, as for Jonathan he will pay and I told him so.

Then my aunt asked if my headaches return and have I went to the doctor, thankfully she waited until Jonathan excused himself from the room. Then Edward, my oldest cousin/brother, asked what really happened between Sean and me that Jonathan would think I need protection.  To his question, I stated it has been dealt with and topic closed, to my aunt I stated yes, and not yet I haven’t had time, plus I ensured her they weren’t that bad. She asked if my dream were back as well and told me I need to make the appointment. If the look on my face didn’t answer yes, the look on Jonathan’s face definitely did. So naturally, Jonathan asked why I would need to see a doctor for dreams. Everyone fell silent. I told him, it not the dream my aunt referring to, and we will talk later. At that time we were informed brunch was ready. The guy followed behind my aunt as she was informing me that I am going to need to tell him, before and if my headaches get worse, at least about the injury if not the cause. My uncle agreed. This is getting complicated and I was exhausted. Jonathan sensing my discomfort played the ultimate host.


His Intentions

The lunch was served under a canopy in my backyard, I just looked at Jonathan as everyone looked at me. Jonathan said surprise and went to explain to my family. He informed us that he was hosting a small dinner party later today as a surprise, so since it was set up he figured we should use it now it was a beautiful day.

As we settle down to be served, my uncle asked the obvious, what do you do that you can afford all this, the labor department doesn’t pay for all that. Jonathan smiled and said “you are correct. I also own a hotel and restaurant downtown and vested with partners in other ventures”.  “So what is your intention toward my girl”, after choking on my drink, I politely asked him to stop the inquisition, but Jonathan responded as if I didn’t say anything. “Since meeting Mystique I’ve only had one intention and when she is ready and that is to make her my wife”. Now I’m having a complete coughing fit as I excused myself from the table and went back inside, my aunt followed me, leaving the guys together. She said, “I take it this is all new news to you”, I just shook my head yes and cried. “He’s only just saying that because he doesn’t know my history. He won’t listen when I tell him I’m broken and damage”. As she held me she ask what was his response, I must have turned all different shades as I remember this past weekend conversation and she laughed as she said “enough said. Have you told him why you have this crazy notion of yourself, for you are not damaged goods you have come a long way and overcome obstacles that may have killed others.” “Will the guys give my secret away, will they tell Jonathan”? “No,” she said, “we’ve decided long ago that was your job when you meet the right person. But they may tell him about your head injuries that I’m not sure on. In the time you’ve known him, you haven’t had headaches or have you hid them”. “I managed to hide them from him until the last one”.

You really need to let him know”.

“I know I need to but everything is so new and just happening really fast one minute I’m a client turn friend, now I a friend turned lover rocketing to a future wife. I know he won’t marry me when he finds out the truth, he won’t turn like Sean, but he won’t marry me either”.

“I’m glad I get that much credit, but you are going to need to explain now why I won’t marry you”.

As my aunt got up to leave I held on to her, even Jonathan stated that she should stay if for once and all his question would be answered. As my aunt set back down she looked at me and said: “later should be now, and I’ll stay to support and help you”.

“You won’t marry me because, beneath my scares, I am damage to the point I may never be able to have kids”. All he said “was going on there must be more. I have seen your scares and thought we address that fact earlier”.

“You aren’t listening I am not a whole woman anymore, I can’t have children!”

“First you said you may not now you said you can’t I get the feeling that you aren’t sure either way either, which still doesn’t explain why I won’t marry you.

Maybe you should start at the beginning”.

So I   started speaking of my past. I told him about my mother and her youth, about her love for my father and me before she died when I was nine due to a drug overdose, and how my father changed and only dotted on me when he wasn’t working himself to death.

Aunty spoke up to bring clarity to my comment, and for the first time, I really listened to the whole story about my mother’s death. “It was a car accident that she died in, but it was at someone else hand that initially killed her. The report says my sister died of a drug overdose, the problem is she never did drugs and had to be forced since childhood to even take a Tylenol. After her death, Myst stayed with her father until one day I received a call from the hospital that she was injured and her father was dead. The man who caused the death of my sister also killed his half-brother and tried to kill Myst. Myst’s mom was either intentionally drugged or the illegal drugs were taken by mistake. No suspects and no one suspected any foul play at first until the autopsy report came in.  Then some tip her dad that his daughter was to be used to pay a drug debt that day. So he called his buddy and went home early. They had Myst attached to some contraction to be position at will. As he came home all hell broke loose, the brother’s end up fighting until someone stab James in the heart with a knife. The contraption Myst was on fell and caused a major gnashed in her head. When the cops arrived, James was pronounced dead and Mystic was bleeding out and in critical condition. Hence her headaches, damage done healed and she regained full use of her body thru intense therapy, but the lingering effect is blinding headaches. As for being damaged goods, there was some rectum penetration and she received a hell of a beating that day which caused some internal injuries. They said she may have difficulties carrying and/or birthing a child. But the only lasting signs are the headaches”.


During the whole time, I refused to look at Jonathan or even in that direction as he sat there quietly listening. When everyone finished talking about my recovery, since by this time even my cousin came into the room, Jonathan continued to just sit there. Finally, he asked everyone to leave the room, he had drinks sent to the yard for them. “I believe I’ve told you this before, I will not hold against you something someone else has done to you or made you do.  You were a child, you weren’t in the position stop it or protect yourself, it wasn’t your fault”. Then I broke, “I could have saved my dad if I didn’t listen to my uncle, I knew what he was doing but he threatened to kill my dad like he killed my mom, so I never said anything”. Jonathan repeated his words again, “it not your fault and you will be my wife. Mystique, you are a beautiful woman and if I have to take my last living breath to prove it to you I will”. I cried as he held me thinking this must be a dream.  He sent me upstairs to freshen up and changed because he wanted to take me out, then he called his people and had them meet us at the restaurant. He asked my uncle how long were they staying in Conn. and would like to take them to dinner. They said they planned to stay till the weekend but seeing no room, Jonathan told them to stay at his hotel in one of the penthouse suites as long as they like. Mystique can stay there as well while you visit. “And where will you be”, I asked coming back downstairs. Jonathan looked at me and said, “just guess, I’m not letting that far from my sight”. The guys all laughed. So I packed a small bag since I was informed an entire wardrobe is already there for me. He informed my family that there are boutiques on-premise and anything they need they can get from there, especially if they wanted to join in at the pool party tomorrow night.  My cousins being who they are, pulled him to the side and said they can’t share a suite with their parents. Jonathan just laughed and said, “I hope not, and your suite would be a floor below theirs”.


The introduction

When I asked about the dinner party Jonathan said: “it was moved to the hotel, everyone will join us there for dinner”. Then I asked who everyone was. As long as we’ve known each other I’ve never met any of his friends except Mr. Charles, who fundraiser I’m putting together and Heather. Whom he told me would be there. “Please tell me Heather won’t call her Gentleman friend Master” in front of my family, they wouldn’t understand.  He laughed, “when we are in public we never expect to be referred by our first name. You will meet other submissive tonight, two are wives, one is a doctor and the other is a college professor. Then the other two been together at least 5 years but haven’t crossed that line, one is a Chef and then Heather who is an accountant”.

“I not sure I fit in, you move in such a different circle, I wouldn’t want to embarrass you or myself”. Do you realize that as long as we’ve known each other, this would be the first time I met anyone in your inner circle?

That’s not totally true, but I do see your point.

Who have I met?

Charles, he more of a brother to me than a partner, we’ve known each other since school days.

“Actually since we were about six years of age, but what makes me the topic of conversation,” Charles said as he strode in, “plus aren’t we supposed to be meeting at the house”.

“Hey man, I left you a message with your assistant about the change in plans, plus I told Monique”.

She just left me a message to meet her here but no details. Hello Mystique,

Hello Mr. Charles.

Please drop the Mr. we aren’t working tonight.

Force of nature.

Actually, she was informing me that in the past 2 years she has never met any of my friends, I corrected her in regards to you.

Mystique we keep asking why he’s hiding you, he’s the only, well was the only single one among us. Jon are we going below tonight? There been some brewing going on.

You handle it, Mystique family in town and staying here tonight

Ok, oh ok.

Are the men of my heart here?

That depends, your good heart or your wicked one? Mystique meet Monique.

Oh, my you are a beautiful one, nice to finally meet you.

Thx, and nice to meet you.

Jon the sketching doesn’t do complete justice.

What sketching?

I do freelance sketching and been working on your profile for a bit, that all.

Do you have any other surprises for me tonight? Let’s just say this has been a day of reckoning, realization, and surprises.

“I don’t see the ring yet, so count that one out”, said Monique.

Is the wifey always the last to know?

Not once you become the wife, you become the first confidant.

Come let us get ready together and let the men handle some business, guys by the way the brewing has spilled to the boys and girls.



Monique is a real easy person to like and talk to. We connected really well. Sadly to say I really don’t have any true girlfriends.  There was the occasional group of woman that I hung with after work or the group that’s in my yoga class, but besides my aunt, I really don’t have any female friend to confide in or that I trust, so I was really surprised that I felt so comfortable talking to so fast.

Monique and Charles have been together since she was a student in UConn studying for her medical licenses while doing her practical’s in a clinic in old Connecticut. That was 12 years ago and been married for the past 9. They have a set of fraternal twins and expecting there next set in 5 months. We talk about everything while getting ready, except how she could be considered a submissive. From everything, I understand she doesn’t fit the bill.

Monique asked me an interesting question, thankfully though it was nothing like Heather’s, but just as startling: “You do know Jon play for keeps?” I had to ask her to explain herself in which she said “Jon is very selective in who and where he chooses to his spend his time with, and you my dear has given him focus we haven’t seen since the pasting of his late wife. He is very much taken with you to the point I dear say in love, something I prayed would happen but fear it wouldn’t”.

Why I asked, I believe for all accounts he a delicious catch, even before I realized his interest which I might add is fairly recent news to me.

“How recent,” she asked, ‘hmm the past month”.

Girl where have you been, we have been dying to meet you since last year!

Last year, until I got sick, he never once even gave me a hint that I am aware of, then I got sick and knew he cared for me but questioned if it was anything more.

Monique just shook her head, “either you weren’t ready for a relationship with him or he was extremely overly cautious with you.

The first may very well be true, when we first met I was winding down a relationship with someone who can’t take a direct hint, hence my families presences. I come with a lot of baggage and issue, it still puzzles me why me.

I can understand that feeling, Charles is 10 years my senior and was already an established lawyer, I was still in college and barely making ends meet. When his interest became known to me I asked the same question. I had long clinical hours, longer study hours and still work a part-time job or two to pay my bills. What in the hell could this man want from me, I didn’t have time for BS or casual sex.

We first met at a fundraising function for the hospital where I did my clinicals, all 1st and 2nd-year internals was required to be present and play hostess/host for the event. Being a bartender I work around the drinks mixing and serving them up. The least amount of moving or socializing required. Charles asked if I knew how to make a bird of paradise, a rear drink request outside of the Caribbean’s, which I indeed knew how to mix. From there we started talking about my career, aspirations, and goals in between serving up other drinks. Our conversation really made the evening go by better than I thought. Anyway by the end of the evening he gave me his card and asked if I would call him. Not being rude accepted the card and said maybe.

Later that week I received a call from my rental board telling me that I needed to come in, my payment was late and we need to discuss my future ability to maintain my apartment, on top of that finals in my classes and clinical exam were all coming up. Needless to say, calling Charles was the furthest from my mind. When he finally caught up with me again over a month later, instead of me working the floors I was being admitted through ER for exhaustion. From that point on, it as if I became his responsibility and priority. First, he paid my rent ahead 6 months, informing me that’s how long I had left on my lease before he would be moving me, giving me time to adjust. Then he gave notice to both of my jobs and even found a suitable replacement for the upcoming gigs I was scheduled for. Came short of having me put on sabbatical at the hospital until he wasn’t ready to mix his personal and career life publicly just yet.  Mind you this was all done while I’m still hooked up to IVs only being allowed to study, in the private suite I found myself in.

By the time I was released, I had two weeks left before finals, 3.5 weeks before clinical exam and 6 weeks to first licensing testing and nothing to disturb me from my studying except for a man that ensured I ate every day at least twice a day and one meal at least with him, who barked at any time I suggested repaying him and never once touched me sexually that entire time, leaving me to wonder if he was gay, just a good Samaritan, or a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Come to find out later he was 2 of the 3, just not gay.

Wondering should I ask how he was a wolf and good Samaritan, I decided to leave well enough alone.

Anyway, at the end of six months, Charles proposed and let’s say I wouldn’t change a single thing. I said all that to show you, once they decided who it is that they choose to invite into their lives, they protect, nourished and love completely. Charles and Jon are cut from the same cloth. You must know what you want and be sure of it. To love a man like Jon takes everything you have and then some, and what you receive in return comes no place near what you have given.