Diane’s Heart – Installment 6

As I was walking back to my office, I saw our office slut cornering Steele by the coffee maker with the look of pure dread on his face. I decided to take pity on him as I saw her claws reaching to stroke.

Whiteshire, I hear that your husband got a promotion to Captain last week, congratulations. She whipped her head around with such disgust as her voice was sugary sweet, Diane that was two weeks ago, but thanks.

That gave Steele just enough space and time to make a beeline for the door. He didn’t even look back once. Whiteshire was obviously distraught as she asked ‘what bring you around you don’t drink coffee?’ No, but I have a sweet tooth and thought I come and see what tasty tidbits I could find. Anyway, there nothing in here that would satisfy a sweet craving so I’ll go back to my office.

As I walked out, I heard mumbling  ‘that b!’ I just laughed. When I got to my office, my laughing was out of control as I noticed Steele hiding on the far side of my office as if that woman would dare come near my office.

Thank you, but it wasn’t that funny. From your position, I suppose not but from where I stood and stand now, you have no idea how comical everything looked. Really, where in the hell did she come from, as long as I’ve been here, I don’t recall seeing her, and she’s married! What the Hell! I see no one took you by the archived room, her personal leer. Someone must have requested files and she offered to bring it up to seek out all the new meat available for her to roast. She’s typically harmless, but her fangs seemed to be unusually sharp and present towards you.

She’s out of her mind and I will think twice before venturing into the coffee room again. We could set up a machine in our area, the personal cup one that will also allow me to brew gourmet hot chocolate drinks.  That sounds perfect, I’ll even purchase it today. Stop laughing, I’m serious.  I know you are, and I promised it will be set up before my leave begins. When is that, that may not be soon enough. Laughing at the fear on his face, it the day after tomorrow, so can you wait 24 hours? I guess so. Wait you’re leaving this Friday? Yep right after our 10 am Skye call. Ok, Renee will be back, so it should be ok. Why are you acting so scared, it’s not like this is new to you? No just a larger scale. You’ll be fine.


Another night and no sleep, I need rest, I need peace. Another morning early, at least I have an excuse, this being my last day. Since it only eight in the morning, I should be able to clean my office before the inquisition begins. Handle two Skype interviews, sign off the current evaluations, look over the newest batch of resumes and head to the beach.  It’s been 8 years since I’ve been there maybe just maybe I can find the piece of me that I left behind oh so long ago.

Good morning, I see you are becoming a morning bird. Not really Renee just tying up some loose ends before I leave today. How was the conference? I really wish Thorn would go to these thing half of the time, they are boring as hell. So you had a great time, warm weather did you good. Each lecture was scheduled for 3 hours. Why I don’t know, but after the first 45 minutes if it didn’t grab my attention I was out.  The hotel was great, the pool was fantastic, the hot tub refreshing. As for the shopping, well asked Betty but I am going to need a second job if I take her to another conference again.  I am glad to hear she enjoyed herself as well.  

What’s been happening here?  Not much of anything, we put out inquiries for a second assistant. The details are on your desk. Thorn approved this I take it. Yep, and he can’t take it back because I have a witness. Good girl, I think. All evaluations are up to date, the last two interviews not requiring travel is being done today. That only leave Steele to write up the final packages for review. Otherwise it been quiet as a lamb. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not.  

What’s a good thing?  Good morning, Renee your back! Yes, the coffee maker is here thank you, God! I could kiss you Di. It’s only a coffee maker, what gives asked, Renee. Laughing I stated how Whinewshire claws and fang corned Steele and he hasn’t had coffee that wasn’t brought to him in the last two days. Who let her out? I see you survived her. Barely, Di saved me at the mention of her husband I was able to escape.

Didn’t they get a divorce? I believed so, but he did just get promoted so I congratulated her. You know how much she loves to discuss him. Wicked Diane just wicked. But it worked and I am grateful. By the way, I set up the conference room when I first came in so we should be head over there shortly. Steele, you will be handling this one yourself. Alone? No, I’ll be in the room but it all yours. Don’t worry I got this. Good thing, because I am doing an official evaluation on it for your file, HR has requested the quarterly progress report. Interesting to know let me go get the ice cream before the meeting, got to rack up the brownie points. You’re silly, and am not in the mood for chocolate. Who is this person and what did they do with our Diane? Both of out my office or both of you going to have to do finish everything on my desk because I’m leaving now.

So much for leaving early, the second interview was a total heartbreaking. Mom has triplets and 2 of the 3 are ill. While we were on the call one of them got sick, we ended calling the receptionist to page for an ambulance. Needless to say, I am moving the family to next quarter family retreat week, after taking over the interview. After the boy was stable, the mother stayed and finished the interview, because unless the other child has to be in public, it better to keep her isolated. These parents need help. Anyway, after arranging everything for them and finishing my to-do list it was 4 pm.  I was packing my briefcase to head out. I had a 3-hour drive till I got the retreat camp and I was hungry and tired. Steele came to my door right before I left. Let’s grab dinner before you hit the road. There something I need to ask you about, especially after what happened this afternoon. I was to famish to say no, and this afternoon had to be as taxing for Steele as it was for me.

We left my car in the garage since he actually made reservation 30 minutes in the opposite direction from where I am going to.  It was Rockies, he remembered my comment from his first day. One of my friends was there and she pulled me to her section as soon as she saw me walked in. When she noticed I wasn’t alone, she hesitated for a minute, then changed directions and put us in a private booth. Give me strength. Anyway, we ordered virgin cocktails and appetizers until we decided on how we were going to get all our favorite dishes to share. I forgot he loves seafood as much as I do. We talked about the office scandal, the office fools, and the various hookups that have brought world war three to the 5th floor.  It was fun before he turned serious, now I am ready to be anyplace but here.

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