Diane’s Heart – Installment 15

You are going to love the place Liz, the dresses are gorgeous, affordable, and Sharon and Deric are good people.  Where exactly is this place and of all the people how did you find it? You know where our dads always got the meat for the cookouts, I was heading there to get the food for the dinner I wanted to prepare for my parent that the guys took over. I wasn’t sure if I was going to invite Charles over or not, realize I didn’t have anything to wear if I did so I stop in mall the this dress grab my attention and pulled me in. From there I was hooked.

Well you looked like a million dollars lately! I for one need to bow down at the one who dress and accessories you. You are STUPID!  Yes, but I also have to agree this look really becomes you. For way too long you just hid yourself behind a tent.  I was not behind a tent! Not a literal one, but short of the corporate functions that forced you to wear gowns, no other than those that seen you at home knew what you were packing. A serious lethal weapon. Now you are really being stupid. Oh you said a bad word.  Don’t start that mess, you know that use to drive me crazy. Do you think you can convert back to the grown woman, we’re here.

Oh, I like that red piece, I like. Oh my god, Deric is going to pass out, the sales girl said as she ran to the back. What was that about Liz asked? I don’t know, but we are about to find out. Darling may I bow down and kiss your magnificent feet, you exquisite, gorgeous woman. Hello to you too, as I turn. You like I take it? Most definitely do, you must have torn up the place when you came out in that one. She most definitely did, hi I’m Lizzette. Hello darling, how bad did she do? A couple of jaws bones broke as they hit the floor. Enough Liz, it wasn’t all that. Yes, it was stomping Steele is one thing but you stomp David in his thinking processes. Deric let just say everyone liked my outfits. So which one are you trying to catch ask Deric.

By the way how did the dinner go? Totally crashed by family members. Only Steele crashed. What did I crash? Hello, Diane you look fabulous. Now what did I do this time.

Oh my god, those eye are just as deadly in a woman as they are on a man. Sharon, forgive my nutty sister Lizzette. Liz what the hell are you talking about. I’m sorry Sharon, I’m not trying to come on to you, but we just left a pair of eye that are identical to yours. Diane take a really good look and tell me if I am wrong? Who are you talking about? Well unless you met my brother, and that would be interesting because he hasn’t been in these neck of the woods in ages, or you are referring to a child, then maybe I have a nephew some place, it is rear to have these shade of grey-blue coloring, Sharon stated. Oh my god! Now I know why last night story sound familiar. What are the two of you talking about, Deric and Sharon said at once. Sharon, Liz asked what is your brother’s name? Charlie, well actually Charles Matthew Steele. Oh, said Liz. I asked is everyone ready for lunch, I need a drink now. Sharon will too after I explain how I feel in love with both of her brother’s. Sharon said what! Deric said yes and I’ll be the designated driver.

Once at the restaurant when everyone seemed to have process all the information over the last 10 minutes as we walked over, I asked Deric how was the drive?  We laughed. Deric then asked the million-dollar question: was these dresses to impress Sharon brother or brothers? Either not knowing or remembering the history of the youngest brother, he continued. Because I don’t know how you would choose between either two if they are as half as gorgeous as Sharon. Sharon responded, technically I only have one brother, though my parents had two sons. Unless she’s dating a decayed corpse it must be to impress Charles. Both Liz and I tried to hide our laugh, but the look on Deric’s face was priceless.

How long have you known Charlie? So I told her about eight years ago, the meeting, the laughter, the death and heartbreak. So you were the woman who he said rejected him. Lord, it took forever for me to make much sense out of what happened that summer. By the time he started returning to normal, I moved on campus and he and dad did nothing but fight. Liz said, that sounds familiar, Diane wouldn’t say much of anything just buried herself in her studies and later her job. Charlie did the same. He came in 2 point shy of Victorian when he grad with a double major for his masters. God, it has been at least four or five years since we spoke and saw each other. I shared with her his explanation of why the both of you are estranged.

He really think you sided with your father over finding and getting involved in Timothy’s life. Ooh no, yes I was upset at first that he caused such a disturbance in our home. But before mom died, she explained a lot of things to me.  Many things it took some years for me to process and understand in the midst of dealing with the grief of losing her, but I never sided with that man. I left that night because I couldn’t stand the arguing anymore.  We stayed in touch for a bit, but then lost contact after he moved out and I changed my phone number to get away from our father constant calls. Charles must have done the same cause I couldn’t call him anymore. Where is he, what is he doing now? Other than trying to ruin my life, he’s still a work alcoholic but doing some fabulous thing I know you would be proud of.

Instead of me telling you, why don’t you come and see for yourself. Liz asked her could she leave the shop for the rest of the day and come meet him now? She looked at Deric with tears in her eyes, as he said, if you want I’ll stay and manage to store. You need to do this girl. No, I would need you to come with me, cause if he…. Sharon, trust me he wants to see you, he misses you, I said. Are you sure, it’s been so long. I – I’m just….Scared Liz said. That understandable, but Diane is right he would want to see you. When he spoke about you last night, everyone heard the love he holds for you and how he missed you. I can’t go like this. My place is an hour away. Ok do you want to see your brother or not?  You’ve only been at the shop 3 hours and you don’t stank because you did nothing but fuss with me. Plus don’t you own the boutique. Go pick out an outfit grab your bag and let’s go. But what if he busy. Trust me the guys are pouting after we left then today.  I’ll call and arrange dinner.

David, are you and Steele together still? Yes, what’s up, indulge too much and need a rescue? Actually there been a change in plans, I want the two of you to meet my friend Deric and his friend. Can you set up a dinner roast on the beach for tonight? Why do we need to meet Deric and his friend? I can’t explain that part now, but once introductions are made it will be clear.  Hold on, let me tell Steele. Diane, what gives? Charles, can you please do this for me? Yes I’ll do this for you, but why do I need to meet a guy over diner? Like I told David it will make since after introductions. What time will you be here?  We can be back about 6:30/ 7pm. Should I invite your parents? Hmm, ya why not but that’s it. Anything special you want? Hold let me ask. Hey diner is set, what your favorite meat? My favorite I wouldn’t dear asked for, Sharon said. Ok tell me your favorite and second choice? Buffalo first or Sirloin. Deric? I’m good with whatever, don’t do a lot of red meat. Hi Charles, do you have buffalo meat if not sirloin will do. Buffalo, the only beef served here. Good I see you in a bit and thank you. For what? Just for everything. Ok you’ll let me know tonight what going on?  I will I promised.

All set I told the crew. Now Sharon let’s go get you dress. But you didn’t tell him I was coming. No I didn’t because this is a reunion. Liz asked, haven’t you ever seen a reunion show, only one party knows what’s happening while the other one is caught off guarded. Yea, but this isn’t a show it my life! Still a reunion Deric said. Just get in here and pick out an outfit so we can go. Deric, I don’t know what to wear help? Woman, I have never seen you act so helpless, let’s get this reunion over so the real Sharon can come back in the picture and not this little girl. I’m not helpless, I’m just scared, it’s been nearly five years, would I even recognize him if I didn’t see his eyes. Most definitely, other than attribute that would make other woman swoon becoming broader, he still looks like he did eight years old,ago Liz said. Hmm, he looks that good! Down boy Sharon said. You are coming for my support not to get your feeling hurt.  At least you’re laughing now get dress.

Charles why in the blazes is it so important that we meet this guy tonight, this doesn’t sound like Diane doing. David I was wondering the same thing. She didn’t say anything else, Renee asked. No just that it will make since after introductions, said Charles. Betty asked, didn’t she say that the designer of her dresses name was Deric? I believe so Barbara said, but why would she be bringing him to a diner to meet us?  Just remembered the name, can’t answer that one. Have anyone spoken with Liz asked George. Nope said David. Well it’s a twenty minutes to seven, they should be here soon to clear up this mystery, I am just praying it nothing serious, we had a beautiful day, said George. Well you must have conjured them up here come Liz now.  Hi, David can I have a word with you? Liz where Diane? Hi dad, she’s coming in a minute, don’t worry everything ok. David please?  What the blazes is going on? Please get Steele away from the fire, he need to be he facing them as they come in. Who is Deric? You will find out in a few just work with us please. I’ll be right back. What was that all about, Charles asked. I’m not sure. There something going on because Liz is acting as cryptic as Diane was on the phone, which is totally unusual. George, the mystery over, here they come. Hey there, we finally made it, there was an accident on the road. Tied up traffic for over the last forty minutes. Hey dad, don’t look so worried, we weren’t in it. Let me introduce you to the awesome designer of my dresses, Deric this is Betty and James Renee, Liz parents. My mom and dad, Barbara and George Thorne. My brother from other parents, David Thorn. And the eyes that I missed to notice Charles Steele. Oh my! How could you have missed that? What the hell, the eyes, I’m the eyes. Well for introductions he knows all about you. Thanks to Liz you have been the topic of conversation since we hit the boutique. Why’s that? Well, ask Liz here she come now. What the hell! I can’t be seeing clearly.

Liz stop he looks angry; I know this was a mistake. Sharon calm down. Look at Diane does she look worried? But look at him! Sharon breathe and walk. I can’t…. Sir Steele, can I suggest you walk over to her, I’ve known her long enough to know she reading you wrong I pray and about flee. Why would she flee, why in the hell would my baby sister flee as he runs to her. The moms just asked, did he just say baby sister? Yes, Liz recognized the resemblance as soon as she saw her. She owns the boutique where my designs are highlighted. Oh my. Thorn, come let’s get this fire under control, before the coast guard comes, Renee said. Now I understand why she asked for him to get away from the fire.

Why would you think for one minute you have to run? Why would you think I wouldn’t want to see you? I have looked for you since your graduation.  Comb the area around your school, our hometown, the internet and nearly hired private investigators. And all this time you were under my nose. God thank you! Thank you! Charlie you changed your number, I couldn’t find you. That man wouldn’t tell me anything. After awhile I changed my number to escape hearing from him. I never meant to… lord I missed you! How did Diane find you? How did lightning strike twice and you just dropped back into my life? Well Diane showed up looking for a dress to rattle nerve of someone but not cause her father a heart attack. But it wasn’t till Liz told me my eyes ‘are eye are just as deadly in a woman as they are on a man’ that Diane put everything together. Oh that’s where the introduction come from. What? I’ll explain later, come let me introduce you to everyone else.

Let me introduce my baby sister Sharon.



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