Diane’s Heart – Installment 14

Good morning David, how are you this morning? Mom Betty now it wonderful as I behold your sunshine this morning. Hey there, save that flattery for my youngest lady, this one is taken. Renee, your youngest time has just ran out. Now David, it too early for that type of talk, where are to two of them anyway, asked Barbara. We left them to get dress, Diane said she didn’t want to, Oh My GOD! Charles here some water why are you coughing like. Oh, my exclaimed Barbara. As Steele was trying to say, Diane didn’t want to be shown up by the two of us, yet she didn’t say that she was going to knock ball out of the field either. Did I have a wardrobe malfunction that I’m not aware of, why are you all staring at me like there is something wrong? Sweetheart, when Renee told you yesterday, that you needed to keep the look you had last night, I don’t think he meant for you to stop every male heart in the process.  Dad, what are you talking about? Here Mr. Thorne let me explain, Steele said, but forgive me for how I’m about to explain. What is that supposed to mean as Steele pulled me into his arms and give me a kiss that made me forget that they were in public. As the coughing and oh my grew louder, Steele regained his control and said, that’s what your dad meant. You just kissed me in front of my parents and I still don’t get it. I asked where was the real Diane and what did this impostor do with her, Liz said. However, seeing how clueless she is maybe this is still the same person.

Barbara and Betty both said together, Diane you look beautiful. I knew you was my child, but until now, I thought certain attributes skipped you. Mom, thanks a lot, I think. Now that I know all of you have lost it a bit, I’m going to go eat. I’m famished. I’ll join you, Renee said. I must agree, you look wonderful, and that color does wonder for your completion. Thank you, the first comment that make sense. But I have to ask Diane, are you going to follow Liz lead and keep Steele hanging by the thread?  Pops I am by no means going to take Liz lead, and if I was her I’ll change direction quickly. I think David has had his fill. That’s well and good, but you didn’t really answer the question? Pops, there’s a history you don’t know about fully, I need to take it slow. If this transformation is part of you taking it slow, and steady you go girl.

Charles where are you going, you barely eat anything, Betty said as Charles push his plate to the side and started out the door. My guest has arrived; I need to go greet them. Don’t worry, there will be lunch served after the tour. I’ll join you, David said as he got up from the table. Steele, Renee said what time is the tour starting? If all the guest has arrived, in twenty minutes, I’ll send someone for you before we start, relax and enjoy your breakfast.

I for one, am glad it just the six of us for a few minutes, said Betty. What’s wrong I asked. That’s what I want to know. We have known David, for over twenty years, and never in all that time did I ever hear him speak with such definite finality as he did earlier before you two showed up. What did he say, Liz asked? That your time has just run out, Renee stated. Oh, he did! Do you care to explain why he would say that, Barbara asked? No, not really. It is different from what he told me this morning, I was told I had at least forty-eight hours. What the hell happened last night? Ok, don’t answer that one, but can you explain why he would say that George asked.  We had a misunderstanding early this morning and things kind of got out of hand. Out of hand in which way, James asked. I’m surprised the cops or the coast guard wasn’t called this morning as loud as the both of them were screaming this morning. I had to go break it up right before Charles got back to the suite this morning. I’ll fix it, don’t worry, somehow I’ll fix things back. James said, you can’t put things back like they have been, you are going to have to change. You are my child, but there is no way I would have allowed you to drive me mad for these years and you aren’t my wife. This is one attribute you didn’t get from your mom, and I don’t recall any of my sisters being this bad either. On that note, we are going to have to table this conversation, Betty said, they are signaling for us to go.  I’ll fix it, I’ll fix it. I just have to.


Good afternoon and welcome. This has been a labor of love, but one that I wouldn’t walk away from. Eight years ago, I watched my brother takes his last breath, and among all the other emotions that I was dealing with I promised that I would make him and our mother both proud me. I believe today, they are together looking down smiling, which have given way to this beautiful sunshine we have today. All of you have had the full tour of Erica’s orphanage and Tim’s home. Well, today I can officially announce the final part of the project has been completed and the Admiral’s Home and Retreat is now officially open for business.

For fifteen years, 2 months neighboring towns would rent out the retreat center and turn it into a summer camp for the most fragile children in the community. Doctors, nurses, therapist, social workers and many others would take time from their normal lives and spend time here ensuring that these children had a fantastic time. Though I never returned as a counselor after the death of Timothy, I generously sent donations to their cause. Then one year I received correspondence that the retreat was closing and decided then that could never happen and embarked on the journey to creating what you see today. Let the tour began, and it will end at the ribbon cutting and dedication.


As you have witnessed, there was no expense left to unturned in ensuring that these home meet every care and needs for our children. As the children are assessed, they stay in town. For those who will be remaining for more than ninety days, they will be moved to a bed here in the Admirals Home. Now to officially open the Admiral Home & Retreat center follow me to take part in the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.  Deacon Wilson can you come up here with your wife, please. Mr & Mrs. Thorne along with Mr & Mrs. Renee and your daughter Lizzette, David Thorn and can you please escort Diane Thorne. At each opening, we have had a special dedication to those who had affected my heart and been the driving force behind why I do what I do and why this project is so dear to me.  When we re-opened the retreat center we left it named after the founder of the retreat, because without his vision many may not have found a place as lovely as it is here to still away from life harsh demand and refocus on themselves and what is important. Well, today we officially open the heart of the entire project. The area and space that will be used by all. Diane can you please take the scissors to do the honor.  Twenty-four years ago, my mom, Erica gave birth my brother Timothy. Though the mishaps of life my parent gave my brother up for adoption, to ensure that his needs would be met emotionally and financially. Eight years ago both Timothy and I came to this camp to spend the summer as he has done many years in the past. It was here at the camp we met others who heart and passion match or exceed our own. One such heart was a young lady that stolen many of the young men’s heart without even knowing it. Many times during morning or evening dressing time a certain counselor name was mention because of the care and love she put into everything she did.  I don’t believe anyone ever told her how many of the campers wanted to be her boyfriend. But she not only stole the campers’ heart she stole mine.

When I created this project and had everything was drawn up I didn’t know I would have the pleasure of having that incredible heart present on this day. For what it was worth, I wasn’t sure I would ever have the pleasure of being a recipient of that heart’s love again. But along with the smiles of my mom and brother God has shined on me as well to allow Diane Thorne to actually be here to cut the ribbon in the dedication of “Diane’s Heart’s, Home for the Children”.

Oh, my God, I said as Thorn assisted me in cutting the ribbon. You can’t be serious as I look to Steele, I look to Thorn, my parents, and the Wilsons and ask you knew about this? I looked at Liz and asked her, she shuck her head no in response. As everyone cheered and my parents had tears in their eyes, I was frozen and the last thing I remember was David arms going around me. To say I don’t like surprises is an understatement. I actually do, I just don’t like public ones. Anyway, thinking this was going to be normal day was a big mistake. Steele thinking that his plans would go over without a hitch was even a bigger mistake.  However, the only one disturb by everything was me.

All I wanted to do once I came back to conscience was run and not look back. However, between my parents and the Wilsons, they weren’t having any of that.  Hey, why didn’t someone warn me what was happening today? Especially if you knew about it and know I don’t like surprises. Renee spoke first, yes we all know about the dedication today, but we didn’t know until you went to clear your room out for us to stay last night. Even then, David added, we weren’t told that the dedication was in your honor. When was all of this planned and arranged? How did he know I would be here? And why in the hell didn’t he tell me?

Someplace in the middle of my fussing, Steel walked in and started answering me directly. This was planned since the conception of the project. But I saw the blueprints, my name isn’t there like your mom and brother. No, because I didn’t want anyone to tell you. Deacon Wilson realized that this was the only place without a name and was pre-told. And as I said I didn’t know you would be here. And as for telling you, I was waiting for you to answer my question from the night at Rockies. Are you still waiting? Not for that answer after last night, which was why I had no issues with going ahead as planned. Then why didn’t you say something last night? Because Thorn and Liz wouldn’t be the only two at odds this morning. You would have asked one too many questions that I would have refused to answer. That’s not fair.  I want you to want me, not what I did to honor you or by what I have. But you know I don’t operate like that. Yes, I do, but I didn’t want to give you the impression I believed otherwise.

Now my turn for questions. As grateful as we all are for David holding you at that moment, that allowed us to bring you in here to rest instead of the ER, and no matter how much everyone has been ensured that you are ok, no one is believing until they see you for themselves. So are you up to coming out or at least have the woman come in see for themselves? I’m fine and will come out, just let me freshen up a bit and I’ll meet all of you out there. I’m coming with you, said Liz. Are you sure you are alright; in the last twenty-five years I’ve never known you to be a fainter.  Yes, I’m fine I just think everything just got to be too much to process. Anyway, let’s go ensure everyone else I am ok, so we can split. After what I been through today, I need to indulge myself a little.  I like how you think.

Two hours later when the last of the guest left, David came up behind and wrapped his arm around and kissed me on the cheek. Then said thank you and I am so sorry for allowing you to hide behind the preparations and history segments at all of our functions. Watching you captivate everyone’s attention as you spoke so effortlessly about Beautiful was awesome. I spoke no different today than any other time. That’s not completely true, Renee said. When you are on stage, you are reading a script, a printed manuscript covering certain highlights and wow-points.  However, what you did here was speak from your heart so eloquently that if this old man calculator is correct, you secured donations that will allow us to increase the next year and a half by twenty-five percent. And I know one guest after listening to you increased his promise nearly doubled from after just talking to Betty and myself. Young lady, this vacation has done you well, and I for one am proud of you. Thanks pops!

On that note, I am supposed to be on a vacation and I must now say goodbye and resume with my pre-arranged day as planned.  Steele cried! But I had lunch prepared to for us, look at these sad eyes, tell me you can at least stay for lunch.  Sorry we can’t, lunch is part of our schedule and we already made them delay from the original time. We will see you around supper time. So what are you young ladies up to now asked my father?  Indulging ourselves!  We recited as we walked out the room.



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