Diane’s Heart – Installment 13

We finally made it to the retreat, and Steele got his wish. I was staying in the Admiral Office suite in a separate room.  The arrangement had me on the outermost room, followed by Liz, then David’s and Steele on the other side. Now, who is going to keep watch on those two? Since it was a warm night we decided to put on our swimsuits with cover-ups took our towels and head out. The guys were talking about something until they heard the door shut. It didn’t take them long to catch up. Just as we hit the water, they were by our sides. Hey, you two just left us, not even a word they said together.  Liz looks at Steele, it’s not like we can go far, dress like this. Plus you two were having such a deep conversation, we didn’t want to interrupt. So, in short, you just wanted to get away from us, David said. That was never said I chimed in when we called out twice and got no response we decided we didn’t want to wait. Like I said I you wanted to get away from us. Liz and I both simultaneously said whatever and took off running down the shore.

The chase was on before long Steele caught up with me and lifted over his shoulder, laughing as he heads to the water edge. Now I am screaming NO, but it falling on deaf ears. Suddenly a piercing scream cuts through the air as David has Liz over his shoulder and drops them both into the water. Steele starts laughing and now I am screaming even more as he walks further into the water. Slowly he brings me forward and I wrap my arms and legs around his neck and waist to prevent him from dropping me.  One minute I’m fighting him the next we are kissing. Not sure who started what first I just know we fell into the water locked from lips downs until we had to come back up for air.  Steele then carried me back to where he dropped my towel, set me down long enough to wrap it around me then proceeded to carry me back towards the retreat.

At this point, I think we both forgot about Liz and David. But instead of taking us back to our rooms, he took me to the indoor pool and sauna area. First, we went into the family room for a shower to rinse off all the sand and salt. Gently and slowly Steele moved the shower head with a gentle pulsating stream over every area of my body. With his other hand, he lifted and shift my clothing away from my body allowing the stream to caress me entirely. After he denied me the chance to return the pleasure by returning the water stream to the overhead hanger and set under it. He then carried me to the hot tub on the other side of the pool. The hot tub felt cool to me for I was already inflamed from our time in the shower.  In the hot tub, Steele moved behind my back and wrapped his arms around me. For the longest, we stayed that way with my head resting back on his chest as he held me close. How he holding on to his control, I don’t know. Mine is slowly slipping as his fingers run along the edge of my bikini top and the edges of my bottom. There’s area on my body that never felt so alive and craving what it never experienced.  

Soon I was hearing moaning, not realizing it was coming from me.  Steele continued to caress and massage me into a frenzy that dared me to reach down and started tracing what I desired to take hold of him to return the pleasure. However, what’s good for the goose wasn’t good for the gander as he captured my hand to still the motion. If you continue one of two things will either happen, I will become bluer than humanly impossible, or we will find a justice of a peace first thing in the morning and be married.  Well, he surely knows how to be a killjoy. Does everything have to end with marriage?  But it doesn’t sate the growing restlessness inside of me. All I could do, as I turn to face him is stick my tongue at him.  Mistake!!! Next thing I knew our tongues were doing a dance that inflamed the very core of me.

Slowly Steele pulled away and pulled us out of the tub. I ask him, how long are we going to do this dance before one of explodes. Until you are ready to hear an official proposal until then I will keep my need locked behind a weakening iron gate and keep trying to persuade you to see reason. You are impossible! No, I’m just serious and know exactly who and what I want. And that Ms. Thorne is you!

Charles, how do I know you won’t just walk away again? How do I know…How do you know to trust me is your real question. Your heart knows and your mind knows as well, it just listened to many Jerry Springer relationships and gotten jaded. I admit I was dumb as hell eight years ago. I walked away from the only person that made me feel alive, one of the only persons, if I had opened up to, would have understood me. Instead, I returned home to a father that couldn’t love a nail and definitely not his own children. A sister that disowned our father and walked away from me. In truth, I treated her no better than I treated you after Tim’s death. We used to be so close, the only other person who would have understood me, now nearly four or five years later, I have no clue where she is.  

But I am not that Charles anymore, I learned from my mistakes. I learned from hell that I lived every day since I left you that day. And I am willing and ready to spend every day proving to you that I have grown, I have matured, and that I never stop loving you and that my love for you grows deeper every day that passes since you have been back in my life.  My only response was to kiss him because truth be told I was in love with him, pops were right, I have been trying to hide and ignore my feelings for the past few months.  But I’m still not ready to vocally state it directly, so I showed him the only way I knew how.

By the time we head back to the suite, I was well past sleepy, but because we weren’t alone, I wouldn’t allow myself the pleasure of waking up in Steele’s arms. So I went straight to bed after a quick shower and ever so grateful to be so tired so that I could fall straight to sleep. But my dreams, my dreams my dreams.

The next morning I awoke to the lovebirds arguing with each other. I’m surprised they didn’t kill one another last night. Anyway, both were screaming to the top of their lungs and obviously forgot they weren’t alone. In my loudest voice, as I walked between the two, I said good morning and asked for each to go to their prospective corners quietly. After each tried to get the last word in, they did as they were told. Then I looked at Thorn and said, why. Liz responded stating he was a donkey behind for crap came out of both ends. Thorn responded because of she too damn dumb to admit the truth to herself even if a snake crawled up inside her.

On that note, Steele broke his silence and fell out laughing, even I had to smirk a little, but not wanting the wrath of Liz I controlled myself. Steele asked was there a suite meeting called that was left off his calendar? No, I said, nutty 1 and nutty 2 decided that they must awaken the dead in a yelling match this morning. Ok so can there be a truce and we go get breakfast. The donors are coming in 90 minutes for the tour. Plus your parents are here already Steele announced. What time is it Liz asked? 9:30 already I said and what time did you’ll get in any way? To look at your two, I don’t think I want to know, forget I asked, I’m going to go get dressed. Steele can you give me twenty minutes; I’ll go down with you. I’m coming with you Diane, Liz stated, I’ve had enough of the pricks in this room.

Man, what happened with the two of you? Last night we left you laughing on the beach and then this, what gives between your two, Steele asked.  Thorn just put his head in his hands and asked is there a bar in this room?  Ok you can’t go start drinking now, after the tour we’ll go get drinks and you can explain, in the meantime, I need to change and you need to get ready too.

Liz, what the hell gives? The two of you got all the ingredient to make a perfect cake, no one wants to read the instructions.  He’s a donkey and I am in love with him. You just figured the latter part of that statement out? That’s been known by the family for years as for the donkey part that would be the both of you. Stubborn jackasses! He told me he’s tired of the chase tired of the game. That either we move this relationship forward or he cutting ties. Not once did that donkey ever say he loves me. Not once was there anything stated that he wanted more than me in his bed. If I recall the last time he declared his love you walked away from and wouldn’t speak to him for months.  So now he’s telling you he had enough and you’re mad because he didn’t make a declaration. This is one time you are not going to get my sympathy. I going to go get dress and meet our parents. You are my sister not mom! Oh, I am still your sister, but just like you wouldn’t hesitate to tell me when I’m wrong I am telling you that you are. Are you ready? Go ahead I still need to hide my face behind the mask. Oh, you say, see you down in the lounge.

Steele are you ready? Yes, we are, coming out now. Now I feel underdressed, no one told me this was a big deal.  Well, my donors are coming so I got to look like I know what I’ve been doing. Thorn said I can’t snooze prospective donors in jeans and a tank, can I.  Oh give me five minutes, I’ll go put on a dress, I won’t be shown up by the likes of you two. We will meet you in the dining hall, and see if you can come in a pair. Thorn, I hope you meant what you said this time, because you know you’re right. I’ll see you in five, hopefully as a pair.

I thought you left? The guys are in three-piece suits, they forgot to mention to me that this was a working day for them. So what are you going to wear?  Remember the dress I had on the other night, well I bought another one also in a different style. I can’t wait till later to take you shopping. There a couple of other pieces I want as well.  Who are you and what have you done with Diane? Funny, I just liked the way I looked in them and if I didn’t have to transfer funds around I would have brought all of them on the spot.  I’ll be ready in five minutes, I told the guys we’ll be there soon.  I’m ready, it’s not a work day for me. However, Liz, I know you of all people wouldn’t want to be 2nd place behind the guys.  Let’s go, I’m famished.  Really what did you do with Diane?


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