Diane’s Heart – Installment 10

There was a note left on the dresser.  ‘My angle, you looked to peaceful to awaken this morning so I prayed you slept well.  I had a conference call at 5 am with some folks overseas, please come and join me for breakfast. My office is on the main floor opposite the pool area.  Charles’. I rushed to dress, for it was already after 9 am, I don’t remember the last time I slept so late and so restful. I finished packing my bag and placing my suitcase in the car when I spotted Charles heading towards me with a frown.

Good morning sir, I was just about head to get you, I’m famished.  Then why did I see you put your suitcase in the car? Well, my reservations end today, and check out is at 11. Plus, I promised mom I was hers’ today to help at home. You’re leaving already, but you aren’t to report to work for another week.  True, but I scheduled only to be here for the first week and then had other plans.  As he encircled me in his arms on a descent to the kiss I have been waiting for since he got nearer, can I at least try to change some of your plans over brunch? Then he stole my breath away.  

This is the first time I actually ate at the center. The spread they had was wonderful, everything from traditional breakfast to traditional lunches and everything in the middle. How many people are registered today for such a spread?  Actually, within the hour we are expecting about 50 people for the next 4 days and 3 nights. Oh, now I see. See what. Why I couldn’t extend my reservation. If you really wanted to, you still could. But there no rooms. True in this area, but you could stay in the office suite in the village. No, I can’t, isn’t that where you are staying? Yes, but we would have separate rooms. Some temptation is best left avoiding.

Was there a problem last night? No/yes, don’t ask me that question. If I don’t ask, then how will I know not to do something again? But if I tell you, how do I know you would listen.  I promised you that nothing would happen you don’t want to happen. You also said something won’t happen unless I agree to some crazy rule you concocted. It’s not crazy, I just know if I take any more of a taste I going to want more and never let you free. Who told you I want to be captured? Hold that thought, let me get this call. Ok, we are going to have to finish this conversation in a bit, I need to go put out a fire.  I need to head to my parents, I promised them today and it almost 1 pm. Do I get to see you tonight? Nope, that’s theirs as well. What about Sunday, you make me beg. Yep, I’ll call you, there your phone, talk to you later Steele.

It was 1:30 by the time I pulled into my parents they were just walking out. Where are the two of you going? Well, when we didn’t see you, we thought there was a change in plans or you got caught up at the home. Sorry about that, I actually slept late today then had brunch with a friend, but now I’m all yours. Honey, you hardly took a vacation, go enjoy yourself. Dad if I didn’t know better I would think you don’t want to spend time with me. Don’t be silly pumpkin, it just that for the last 4 days you worked at the home with us almost all day so when have you rested. But you forgot the evenings have been mine to do just that. Really when you got in your car after the carnival you were all ready to pass out. So what have you done other than sleep once you put in a full day? I enjoyed the last four days, I don’t always get to enjoy the kids at Beautiful.

Plus, mom you are forever calling me with things you need taken care of, so now is an opportunity for me to least cut the list in half. My forever growing list was a way to ensure that we got to see you at least once a quarter. How about this, you go and do you and I’ll have a surprise waiting for you this evening. I do really want to spend time with the both of you. Ok, sweetheart, we’ll see you later. With that, I got back into my car and head over meat market one town over. While driving Steele texted me and being curious I pulled over to read it. He asked if we could have lunch tomorrow or dinner. Idk, maybe I responded. Ur killing me. Nope need to figure out what up with my parents, heading to Haysville now to go shopping. Are you driving? I was but pulled over to read your text. Ok go, call me tonight at least. Ok, I will.


I saw this new shop with the most beautiful dresses on display. While looking around I bumped into this lady and knock all her stuff right out of her hands. I’m sorry, I wasn’t paying attention. No problem, probably shouldn’t have been carrying all this at once anyway. Can I  help you find something? Oh, on a whim I decided to buy a dress for a dinner date that may or may not be with my parents. Haven’t decided if you want to bring him home yet, but still what to be sexy. Something like that. Got just the little black dress for you or any other color. I really think the red one would be a knockout on you with your skin complexion.  How little is little? Don’t worry your father won’t have a heart attacked. By the way, my name is Sharon trust me the designer would die to have you model this dress if he saw you in it. I’m Diane and you are that confident, but I’ll pass on the picture. However, you sold me on at least trying it on. You are about a 12 right. Yes.  Sharron, you got a call from Derick. Tell him I’ll call him back I’m trying to sell one of his dresses, we have conjured him up. He says he coming over, now. Great, get ready for him to fall at your feet. You are exaggerating.  Just wait and see for yourself.

In the meantime, take those curves into that room and strip, I can already tell you are wearing the wrong size bra and probably don’t have one that will work with this dress and don’t you know panty lines are out. When was the last time you treated yourself or your man to some sexy undies?  Ummm, never, I’m a work and home kind of girl. But you said you have a dinner date.  I’m on vacation this week and next, trying to figure out what am I going to do with this man. Good ones are hard to come by, I know. After watching how my father treat my mom especially after my brother was born, I’m surprised I’m not gay. That funny, you are beautiful and your boss must really appreciate your skill set. Thank you and I do. This is my place Indulge From Within. Beautiful shop Sharon, sorry didn’t know. So you telling me you are a work alcoholic. Well owning your own store, you have to be. Mom always preached to us, get an education and get your own, especially to me. She loved my dad, but they struggled, for all the money he made, I never understood why we had so little. Until mom stop working, we never felt it, but he made more than when it was two incomes and he was still broke.  I know this is where my brother and I take after our mom.

Try this on, your bra was a size small in the cup and two sizes too large in the back. Oh, I love how this feels and look their standing up, lol. When was the last time, never mind! Every lady needs to indulge and feel sexy even if no one else sees it. Here let me go get you a pair of shoes, go ahead and put on the dress.  Hello Darling where is the purchaser, has she brought the dress, how does she look, why didn’t you stall her? Hello, Derick please have a seat by the mirror and wait till she dressed. Well, why you didn’t say so. Oh, Derick, I thought you were in the middle of a new inspirational design. I lost my muse, she went to Aruba for the next 6 months. Sorry, well let me get back to my lady, maybe she will cheer you up, she perfect.  

Diane, how does it fit? Is it too large or small? Tight! Hmm, try this one, generally, this dress runs the opposite. That’s much better. It better, how come there’s no mirror in this room? So you can see the finished look only, put these shoes on and come on out. Sharon what are your doing, creating a new, oh my do you look scrumptious. May I humbly bow before you to have such an exquisite creature wear one of my designs. Derick will you move out of her way that she may see what you’re speaking about. Oh my, this look, um interesting. You don’t like Sharon and Derick asked in unison. I like, totally different from anything in my closet, but I like. Then Sharon stood behind me, pulled my hair up in a bun told me how to accessories, then Derick came with a different mock style and instructed me on color to enhance my eyes. After I changed I bought the dress, the shoes, three everyday bras in my correct size, a bra for the dress, and seven pairs of panties. My bill was more than I spent in six months on myself but wouldn’t turn anything away. Derick asked if he could take my measurements because I became his muse for a new design. I can’t today I still need to hit the meat market and make it back with enough time start dinner. I promise that I’ll call to schedule a fitting soon.  I’m in town for another week. Ok, love, I’ll talk to you soon. I promised Sharon I will be back and maybe with my sister.

I rushed to the market and made it back to my parent with barely 2 hours to spare before they got back. The grill was slowly roasting the buffalo meat, the mixed greens and pasta salad were made, the biscuit raising in the oven. As I was heading to my room when Steele called. Hi there, are you busy? Not completely, why. Besides the fact that I want to see you, there something I need to discuss with you as well. What are you doing for dinner? Eating at the center, why. Come to my parents for dinner at seven pm. Are you sure? Yes, I am sure, you already met my parents and I informed them you are also the co-director back home. Actually, you haven’t, I saw your parents an hour ago and they were telling me how much you enjoyed working with the children and how I need to meet you, which is why I asked are you sure. Oops, sorry. I think the only way I wrapped my head around certain information regarding what you have done and set up was to bury myself in work. Well, now you must come for me to clean up all matters. I got to run.



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