Diane’s Heart – Installment 11

Thankfully I am a simple woman by nature, I didn’t have to go through a whole ritual before I could bathe and get ready. I am nervous though about tonight, the dress, my parents’ reaction to Steele, and what he needs to talk to me about. It’s 6:30 and my parents are home. Come in mom, honey downstairs smells divine, did I forget to tell you. The front doorbell rings and Dad asked mom to get it. I’ll be right back; ok hun I’ll get the door. I have 15 minutes to get dress, please don’t let him be this early. As I listen I don’t hear her calling me, so I wonder who at the door. The dress is on and I am strapping my shoes when the door rings again. As I am walking out my room, I hear Steele speaking with my mom.

Mr. Steele, a pleasant surprise, is everything ok at the home. Yes, Mrs. Thorne all is well, and please call me Charles, I actually am here. Steele, what are you doing here? Renee hey I thought you were coming up in the morning. As I descend the stairs Renee stops in mid-sentence, then Steele turns his head followed a long whistle from Renee. My mom looks in shock and with the whistle of both Thorn and Renee, brought dad into the foyer. Now I am ready to bolt back to my room and lock myself in, what in the hell is everybody doing here.

Then Lizette pushes through and speaks once she sees me. Ok, I know you didn’t get all dressed up because I was coming. Well I know you aren’t all dressed up because you were coming here, what are you doing here? Then Steele and my mom started speaking at once.

Apparently, mom came to asked if I had enough food on the grill cause Renee and Thorn both called stating that they were coming, up for business meeting tomorrow, tonight and mom invited them for dinner. And it was tomorrow’s meeting that Steele wanted to discuss with me. Then all eyes were back on me, well since I cooked for more than tonight, there more than enough on the grill. Steele handed my mom a bouquet and my father a bottle of liquor that now had him whistling as he said it seems I am the only one Mrs. Thorne didn’t invite. Then he handed me a box with a purple bow tie, you look absolutely gorgeous.  

Lizette asked are we in for a boring business dinner, as she rolled her eyes in the direction of Thorn. I came to visit my adoptive family and enjoy the evening stated Thorn. Well, Lizette stated that since 4 of the Beautiful Village reps are where present, can we limit Beautiful to a minimum tonight. Barbara asks Betty if she went back to work for Beautiful. No mom, Lizette is referring to Steele, he’s my co-director. You never mentioned that to us.  After everything that was shared with me that day, I kind of got overwhelmed and forget to mention that. That doesn’t make sense dear. Mrs. Thorne, it has been a number of years since I’ve seen Diane and her vacation came sooner than I was able to share directly with her everything that I have been up to over the past few years. Including the meeting planned for tomorrow morning was scheduled during the merging of our companies.

Are you telling me all this time you knew who our daughter was and acted otherwise? No Mr. Thorne, until recently I really thought that her parents were Deacon and Mrs. Wilson. It’s not until this trip I realize that you were her actual parents. Then after the conversation today, I held my tongue because I needed to understand why Diane hasn’t told you of our acquaintance being home for over the week. Why the Wilsons? Dad, he was the counselor when we met, and it’s my understanding his return to the retreat center came with getting his ears box mighty well.  That is a mild understatement!

Diane, how long has this food been on the grill?  Coming David, can’t he ever stop being a boss. You can’t cook in that dress, let him do something for a change. Lizette this was supposed to be my dinner; I’ve started it… And you will let him finish it, pumpkin. Yes, dad. The meat should be finished. As we walked away from the guys Liz asked where did you get that dress, and some other items, you look good.  I got the dress today and told the designer and owner that I’ll be back before I leave with you. So you showing up was right on time. There this boutique one town over that specializes in our clothes and highlights one or two designers exclusively.  Sharon is the owner she sweet and awfully beautiful and the designer is Derick. When he heard she was selling one of his dress he came right over. Now he wants me back for measurements for his next design, something about being his muse. Aren’t you already muse from one fellow, you can’t keep going around inspiring all these men, having them battle to bow at your feet. Now you’re being stupid, I am not Steele’s muse for anything.

From how dad and Thorn were talking you had a lot of influence in where he set up this home. The home is named after his mom and brother, the homes built along the retreat is named after his brother’s nickname at camp, only one area is supposed to be named after me, and to be quite honest I haven’t found that yet. I was told that it was the greeting area to the retreat, but that still named after the previous pastor, so I am beginning to wonder about that part.

Son, can you burn? Yes, Mr. Thorne. Good come over and help me set this other grill to working. Here put this on, knowing David, this meat is drowning in sauce. It seems like you both had the same idea about tonight’s dinner just not the same guest. It seems that way. I will say you are the first gentleman that Diane invited to dinner beyond David. Oh. Don’t worry son they are best friends and his eyes have been glued on Liz forever. Oh. But I will say whatever happened eight years ago, until this trip home she never shared with me, you know why? Sir all I can say this. I was young and foolish and to blind to realize that I was cutting off my nose to spite my face. As for why she didn’t share, other than realizing as of late that she loved me as much as I loved and still love her, all I can say is sorry for breaking her heart.

Is she why you did all of this here in this town. Partly, the retreat center is where Timothy enjoyed his last days and where I met Diane. Even after his death though I never returned to work there, I became a donor through another organization I owned. So when I heard it hit financial troubles and was threatening to close, I used my connection to find funders that could financially back my dream design. I must say, finding funders was a lot easier than going up against your council for approval and trust that I would keep my word. We were skeptical about you, especially since you never came to any of the initial negation. I know my weakness and my strong points, legal matters, though I understand the process, is not my area of expertise especially at the cost of everything.  

So what are your intentions toward my daughter? To marry her! It may take some time for her to see things that way but I have nothing but patience and time. I see, well you have your work cut out for you. But if her appearance tonight has any indication on where you stand, then I would say tread easy but stay focus. I’ve liked you before this week, just don’t hurt her again. I’m no saint but I can promise I would never do anything to lose her love again.


Barbara, when do you think my daughter and David will ever get on the same page? You should have seen her when she heard he would be here tonight. Her fairy godmother put her through an immediate makeover. I don’t know it like he’s trying to avoid her tonight. I’ve noticed, wonder what she did this time. It seems though you may have a son soon, I never saw Di look so stunning away from a corporate affair. You and I both, I knew someone had to be behind her two-week stay to escape, but I’m not mad about who it is. She just ran into the lion’s mouth by coming home. Betty we just might get grandbabies before we are way too old to hold them.

What are the two most beautiful ladies laughing at? James, I think those two coming up behind you may feel left out. They are blossoming beauties in the making, but they aren’t their moms.  Why aren’t we are moms? Do you really want me to answer that Liz? Why would I have asked if I didn’t, dad? You asked for it. For starters, only a crazy girl would keep a guy like David stringing along as long as you have an expect him to keep waiting. Secondly, only a foolish girl would deny her feelings for the last month and not realize that her heart been exposed almost every day. Thirdly, Di this new look, is really you, I don’t want to see that old look again.

Pops this can’t happen every morning. I never get to work and I am so ready for my sneakers you just don’t know. I understand the heel and I understand the extent of the makeup, but you are a Director now and need to look more like one. More like what James? I was just telling your girl with her new position this is the look she needs to maintain. I agree with him Di, you look totally grown up. Hey, it’s only a dress! Sweetheart, if a certain young man working the grill wasn’t going to be present tonight, would you be dress liked this, would you have even brought it?  No/yes, I invited him after I bought the dress. So you’re saying he had nothing to do with the purchase at all? Not completely aunty, another one actually caught my eye, but Sharon insisted on this one. A good choice all four parents said at once and we all laughed.

We laughed loud enough to bring the two cooks over to investigate. Are we doing something wrong, David asked as he rested his arm on my shoulder? They are laughing at me. What’s the joke, let us in. It’s really not a joke, pops just went into a boss mode and instructed me to return to work dress similar to what I am now. Can’t say I’ll complain, you look good, ouch. What you do that for, you broke my rib with that elbow. Since I’m a person away I’ll second that you look beautiful, just don’t know what the rest of the guys would say when they see you? For that matter the ladies as well, especially the one that’s kept locked away in records. Ouch, Liz, I need to be able to stand on two feet to finishes grilling. Not as far as you thought David said. Didn’t you know they are the extension of each other, Siamese twins joined at the brain just born by different moms. You missed as he grabs me from behind to restrain my arms as our parents laugh and Steele takes a smart move away from Liz.

On that note, it’s time to eat dad said as he took mom’s hand and lead her to the table. James following suit right behind them. Steele offered Liz his hand and David offered me his arm. The laughing continued through dinner and clean up, where all the guy pitched in to help. Then we set down for drinks and to relaxed.



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